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Any Cabrillo College instructor may have course books, articles, videos, and other materials made available in the library for short-term loaning to their students through the Course Reserve system.

How Course Reserves Works

Students can search course reserve materials within the Library's online catalog. Course reserves are accessible by either the instructor's name or the course title. Each item placed on reserve will have either a call number or a library assigned unique "item number". Students look up the course, check for the presence of materials on reserve, and present the item number or library call number to the circulation staff for retrieval. Students must have a valid library card to use course reserve materials.

Text Books: The Student Senate annually provides funds to purchase SINGLE copies of the most expensive textbooks required for courses. Currently the library has a single copy of most required text with a value of $50 or higher.

How to Place Materials on Course Reserve

Instructors may place either library owned materials or personal copies of instructional materials on reserve for a given class. Instructors may print the Reserve Materials Form beforehand or come to the library Circulation Desk and fill out a copy. The Reserve Coordinator, Rebecca Heine (479-6148), will process submitted materials, in the order in which they are received. All materials, including personal copies, will have labels, barcodes and date due slips attached to them. Please allow 24 weekday hours for preparation of materials for course reserve.

Please do not assign materials (books or videos) to a class prior to making sure the materials have been placed on reserve.

Loan Periods

Materials are checked out to students for a period of time (loan period), selected by the instructor.
Loan periods are:

  • 4 hours plus overnight loan when checked out within 4 hours of closing time (default loan period)
  • 4 hours in-house
  • 24 hours
  • 7 days


  1. Use the library reserve system ONLY for materials which will be assigned to students.
  2. Allow 24 weekday hours for processing reserves before assigning materials to students.
  3. We will process up to three personal copies of a single item per class.
  4. Have your students ask for these materials at the Circulation Desk.
  5. Inform the Reserve Coordinator when materials are no longer needed by your students.
  6. The library has extensive security precautions and they will be followed for all reserve materials, but the library does not assume responsiblity for the loss or damage of personal copies.

Copyright issues:

Please note that responsibility for compliance with U.S. Copyright laws in regards to photocopied reserve materials rests with the instructor. Please remove all your photocopied reserve materials at the end of each semester.

Library Reserve Copyright Policies

  1. Photocopying one copy of an article from an owned journal title or a chapter from an owned volume at the request of a faculty member for the purpose of Library Reserve fits within Copyright guidelines of Fair Use.
  2. The amount of material should be reasonable (discretionary designation) with respect to the total amount of material assigned for one term of a course taking into account the nature of the course, its subject matter and level, 17 U.S.C. 401(1) and (3).
  3. The number of copies should be reasonable (discretionary designation) in light of the number of students enrolled, the difficulty and timing of assignments, and other courses which may assign the same material, 17 U.S.C. 107(1) and (3).
  4. Material should contain some form of copyright notice (17 U.S.C. 401).
  5. The effect of photocopying the material should not be detrimental to the market for the work. In general, the library should own at least one copy of the work, 17 U.S.C. 107(4). (From the ALA Model Policy Concerning College and University Photocopying for Classroom, Research and Library Reserve Use, March '82.)
  6. Multiple copies of a copyrighted article may be requested by a faculty member and put on reserve by the library if time does not allow for copyright permission to be granted.
  7. To avoid any question of copyright infringement the library will mark copies of the work "Property of xxxx"
  8. These materials will be returned to the faculty member when they are removed from reserve at the end of each semester.


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