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Director, SSSP
Amy Lehman
Administrative Assistant, SSSP
Barbara Rigg
Location Building 100, room 103
Aptos Campus
Phone 831.477.3242
Fax 831.477.3213

Program Coordinator, Orientation Services
Alta Northcutt
Program Coordinator, Assessment
Anya Finke
Program Coordinator, Follow-up Services
Robin West

Assessment (for Course Placement)

All first-time college students are required to take a placement test (assessment) in math, reading, ESL (if needed), and English before registering for those classes.  The purpose is to provide you with information about your skills, so that you can enroll in the correct classes. It’s important to review your math skills before you take the assessment. You do not want to be placed in a class that’s too low when you could have reviewed your math and been placed in a higher level class.  Depending on which certificate, degree, or transfer major you are completing, there may be several math classes you need to take. Don’t waste time and money. Review.

Assessment is required for all new students. You may NOT need to take the Cabrillo assessment if you provide Admissions and Records with official documentation of ONE of the following:

  • You enroll at Cabrillo for reasons other than career development or advancement, transfer, or attainment of a degree or certificate

  • You have completed these services (assessment, orientation, education planning) at another community college and show documentation

  • You have an AA/AS degree or higher

  • You are solely enrolled in a course that is legally mandated for employment due to a change in industry or licensure standards

  • You are part of a few exempted categories of students (some ASC students, those already in a math, English, or ESL course sequence)

The assessment test is taken on a computer in the Assessment Center (Aptos & Watsonville)

The assessment tests are conducted in a group setting in an official test environment and are timed. Additional indicators of your skills and knowledge that may have been gained elsewhere than in a classroom will be taken into consideration in the final placement score. These additional skills are referred to as “multiple measures” and are given a numerical value in the final score. Your assessment scores are uploaded to your WebAdvisor account. If you have not "placed into" the desired class, you may reassess again, one time within a six month period, with a week in between tests. If you still do not score where you had hoped, you must take the class indicated on the score report.

The assessments are scheduled months in advance and are offered on a range of mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. Check the schedule online for times in Aptos and Watsonville. Practice tests are available at the Assessment Center and online. Reviewing the practice tests can make a difference in your course placement. Take the test seriously or you will be taking extra classes!

An assessment needs to be completed before registering for classes and after completing orientation. There is no fee for the assessment test. If you have assessed at another college, bring official copies of those scores or have them sent from that college to Cabrillo's Admissions Office. That will show that you have met the assessment requirement and you will not need to take ours. There are other ways to be exempt (AP scores, etc.). See the Assessment web page at:

If you have a verified disability through a 504 Plan or you think you may have a learning disability that needs assessing and verification, please contact the Learning Skills Program. With a verifiable disability, you may be eligible for extended time on the assessment. For more information about any support services related to disabilities, contact Accessibility Support Center (ASC).

Students who are fortunate to speak another language, in addition to English, may want to improve some specific writing, reading or speaking skills. Taking the ESL assessment may recommend some specific areas that need attention. Improving these skills will ultimately make you more successful in other classes. This does not designate you as an ESL student.


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