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Contact Information

Director, SSSP
Amy Lehman
Administrative Assistant, SSSP
Barbara Rigg
Location Building 100, room 103
Aptos Campus
Phone 831.477.3242
Fax 831.477.3213

Program Coordinator, Orientation Services
Alta Northcutt
Program Coordinator, Assessment
Anya Finke
Program Coordinator, Follow-up Services
Robin West

Educational Planning / Counseling

“How long do I need to be at Cabrillo before I transfer or graduate?” That’s what an education plan or “Ed Plan” will tell you. It lays out all the classes you need each semester and tells you details, such as when a particular class may be offered so you don’t make assumptions and get off track.

And, to get you started on an Ed Plan, attend a two hour workshop in Aptos or Watsonville about what goes into an Ed Plan. The workshop answers a lot of basic questions because an Ed Plan can be COMPLICATED. And, you will leave the workshop with your first version of an Ed Plan.

You can start your plan yourself in WebAdvisor, and then click on Student Planning.

Have at least one class in Student Planning by the date when registration appointments are made, and you will meet the third requirement of having an Ed Plan. You will also get PRIORITY REGISTRATION.

There are two kinds of ed plans--Abbreviated Ed Plan (1 to 2 semesters to get you started) and a Comprehensive Ed Plan (laying out ALL of the courses you need to reach your goal).

For instructions on how to use Student Planning, click HERE.

Education Plan Workshops

To attend an Education Plan Workshop, please consult the Ed Plan Calendar and call either (831)479-6274 or (831)479-6385 to reserve a spot.


Pre or Co-requisites

Click here for information about pre or co-requisistes.

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