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Contact Information

Director, SSSP
Amy Lehman
Administrative Assistant, SSSP
Barbara Rigg
Location Building 100, room 103
Aptos Campus
Phone 831.477.3242
Fax 831.477.3213

Program Coordinator, Orientation Services
Alta Northcutt
Program Coordinator, Assessment
Anya Finke
Program Coordinator, Follow-up Services
Robin West


The online orientation is required for all new, first-time Cabrillo students. The orientation should take around 45 minutes and has quizzes which you need to pass to receive credit. You can complete it anywhere/anytime, AS LONG AS IT IS BEFORE YOU TAKE THE ASSESSMENT TESTS. Take a screenshot or print a copy of the completion certificate so you get credit for completing it.

(This moves you closer to priority registration. You just need two more of the three required services.)

The Importance of Orientation

Many students are undecided about their career and educational goals when they begin college. Others are very clear on what they want to accomplish.

Whether you know your educational goalS or not, research shows that students who go through orientation do significantly better in college because they've learned how to navigate the college's programs and processes successfully.

Orientation covers the history of Cabrillo College, how to apply and register, the benefits of counseling and financial aid, and discusses how you can move through your classes and major in the most timely and affordable way. It covers General Education (many types), electives, new state regulations about repeating classes, and more.

College is very different from high school. It's easy to make incorrect assumptions regarding what it takes to manage your time, balance your personal and academic life, and pay for your education - all of which are explored in orientation to help you be successful here.

After completing the three components (orientation, assessment, educational planning) of the Student Success & Support Program, you are a "matriculated" student, and are assigned an earlier registration date.


Tip: Before taking the online orientation, be sure to register using your student ID number so that it's recorded on your student record. You must first apply to Cabrillo to get a student ID number. For help on obtaining a student ID, contact Admissions & Records.

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