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Need HELP with your STEM courses...

find it here in the MESA Study Center!

TUTORING (drop-in) --- About MESA Tutors


    Spring 2019 draft schedules will be posted Monday, Jan. 28, 2019


  • WEKKLY DROP-IN Schedule by Subejct: CHEM-PHYS-CS-BIO

  • MESA Tutor Majors & Courses Taken: MATH-PHYS-ENGR-CHEM-BIO-CS

  • MESA Tutor Photos

    Spring 2019 schedules will be posted 2nd week of instruction
    (Monday, Feb. 4, 2019

WORKSHOPS & SI (group support) --- About AEWs & SI

  • AEWs (Academic Excellence Workshops): MATH-PHYS

  • SI (Supplemental Instruction): BIO-CHEM-CS



  • MESA Break Out Room Schedules: MATH-PHYS-ENGR-CHEM-BIO


STAFF & STEM Instructors (office hours in STEM)


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