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Framework to Facilitate a Successful Event

The Sesnon House is a beautiful historic mansion located on the Cabrillo College campus. The house is used as a college facility, but is also available for rent to private groups and local non-profit organizations. The Sesnon House is also the home of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program. The Culinary Arts and Hospitality program provides the student with various degrees of culinary food preparation and service training, as well as food management training for the industry.

The mission of the Sesnon House is to provide a learning environment for the students, staff and faculty of Cabrillo College and to provide a beautiful location for events in the community, as well as to financially support the upkeep, operation and heritage of the House and the Culinary Arts program. While we strive to employ the highest standard of service and hospitality please understand that the service is provided in the context of a learning environment.


The Sesnon House is available year-round but may be closed on college holidays or for other special events. Non-profit and private groups may rent the house by arrangement with the Sesnon House Coordinator. Use of the Sesnon House by private parties will be given priority from Friday morning through Sunday evening. The tables and chairs in the Sesnon house are available for use with house rental. Furniture must remain inside the house. Outside seating max is 230 guests, inside seating max is 130 guests.


Because the Sesnon House is a Cabrillo College facility, the Culinary Arts program will have the first right of refusal for all catering services in the house. Fees for catering are separate from house rental fees and must be arranged directly with the caterers. The maximum capacity of Sesnon House, including inside and outside areas, is 230 guests. We can seat 100 guests inside.

The Culinary Arts Program is available for catering only during the college's fall and spring semesters, and during a six-week summer semester. Catering through the Culinary Arts Program is not available on Sundays. Arrangements for rental and catering must be initially made through the Coordinator of the Sesnon House. If the Culinary Arts Program is not available, then a licensed caterer from our approved list of caterers must be used. All food must come from a licensed food handler and a health inspected kitchen.

If Culinary Arts is not available to cater the food for an event, the Sesnon House Coordinator will contact Culinary Arts representatives who must be hired to serve alcohol at the event. Culinary Arts representatives must be paid by the client at the time their services are completed. Sesnon House allows wine, champagne and beer in cans or bottles to be consumed in the house. No alcohol may be sold and no hard liquor or beer in kegs is allowed at any time. If hard liquor is found on the premises, or in the parking lot, the event will be terminated and all fees will be forfeited. No liquor is allowed in the parking lot.

Alcohol Consumption

Sesnon House patrons are encouraged to exercise moderation in their consumption of alcohol, staying within the legal limits. Alcohol service may not exceed 5 hours. Cabrillo College Culinary Arts Program reserves the right to refuse alcohol to minors or anyone perceived to be intoxicated as determined by the Culinary Arts and Sesnon representatives and Calif. Code Section 25602. The Sesnon House representative reserves the right to shut down the bar at anytime. Non-cooperation may result in the closure of your event by the Sesnon House staff or the sheriff's department and forfeiture of your deposit and paid rental fees.


To confirm a reservation, a security deposit must be received within five working days after the date is set (security deposit is a $1000 fee). However, until we receive the deposit, we cannot guarantee your reservation. This deposit will be refunded after the event if there are no damages to the house and if the contract guidelines are followed. Violation of any of the contract guidelines will result in no deposit being refunded. In the case of additional charges, the deposit will be refunded less the cost to Sesnon House for repairs or cleanup. ( Please note that the deposit is not applied towards the total fee amount.)

If a party is renting the entire house, full payment is required 120 days before the event. For all other groups, full payment is required 60 days prior to the event. For weddings, full payment is required 180 days in advance of the wedding.

Minors under 21 years of age may not reserve the facility. Groups with participants under 21 years of age must have adult chaperones at a ratio of one adult (over 18 years of age) to three minors. Sesnon House reserves the right to require a higher ratio depending on the event and the number of young children present at the event.

Sesnon House may book rooms for different events at the same time unless the entire house is reserved for one organization or party. Weddings and large parties are required to book the entire house.


The security deposit and use fees are refundable up to 250 days prior to the event, less a $200 administrative fee retained by Sesnon House. Cancellations made between 250 and 180 days before the event will result in the rental fee being refunded and the Sesnon House retaining the security deposit. Cancellations made less than 180 days prior to the event will result in no refund.

Certificate of General Liability Insurance

A Certificate of General Liability Insurance, naming Cabrillo College as additionally insured, in the amount of $1 million, is required for all co-sponsored events, non-profit groups or private parties, regardless of group size. Certificate of insurance must be received no later than 15 business days prior to the event. Certificates of General Liability Insurance are generally available through your home insurance.

Event Staffing

During private or non-profit meetings and events, a Sesnon House representative will be present at the facility.


A security deposit is required to reserve any event at Senson House. This deposit does not go toward the facility fee. The deposit will be returned to the client if the guidelines of the Sesnon House and the Cabrillo College Governing Board and the Calif. Ed Codes are followed and if there is no additional cleaning required.


The parking lot in front of the Sesnon House is available. There are 50 parking spaces, six handicap spaces, and one loading zone space. Additional parking is available in the parking structure across the street and on Soquel Dr.

Liability, Property Damage

The individual or organization granted use of the Sesnon House is responsible for reimbursing Cabrillo College for any loss or damage to the property caused by use. The person named on the contract is the person liable for the event. Cabrillo College shall not be held liable for any accident or injury occurring at the event, including but not limited to, set up or clean up of the event. The Sesnon House can only be used for the purpose stated on the contract. The person named on the contract is the only one who can request changes and this person must be in attendance at the event. Any changes to facility use must be approved in advance by the Sesnon House Event Coordinator.


The following guidelines have been established to help preserve the historic Sesnon House and/or are Cabrillo College policies:

  • General clean-up is the responsibility of the user and must be completed within the time frame specified on the contract. A clean up fee will be deducted from the deposit of any group leaving the premises in such a condition that additional cleanup is necessary. The facility must be in the same condition at the conclusion of your event as when the event started.
  • The organization or individual named on the contract must be present at the event for the entire time. This individual is also responsible for completing the event within the time specification on the permit, including the application and removal of all decorations and any other preparations or clean-up associated with the activity. All members of the function must be out by the end time specified on the contract. Any time spent in the facility before or after scheduled times will be charged an overtime rate and deducted from the security deposit.
  • The Sesnon House representative, as well as campus police have the authority to disperse any group for failure to comply with any of the guidelines of the Sesnon House and the Cabrillo College Governing Board. In this case, the group will forfeit all fees paid. Future use of facilities may be denied for failure to follow the guidelines.
  • Guests may smoke in the parking lots in front of the Sesnon House and ash receptacles are available there. Smoking indoors and on the grounds at the Sesnon House is prohibited. Smoking debris left on grounds will result in overtime charges for groundskeepers at the responsible party's expense.
  • All deliveries must be arranged through the Sesnon House Coordinator. Rental equipment must be delivered and removed within the time reserved unless special arrangements are made in advance with the Sesnon House Coordinator and the Culinary Arts Department. Tents, portable heaters or other equipment must be approved by the Sesnon House Coordinator in advance.
  • The College accepts no responsibility for any personal possessions belonging to the client, client's guests, caterer, florist, musical group, or any of the client's contractors.
  • Cabrillo College and Cabrillo College Foundation work areas and/or work equipment or supplies are not available for rent or use and may be occupied by staff concurrently with an event. A phone is available for use in the lobby.
  • Kitchen facilities are not available. The kitchen is considered a classroom for Culinary Arts students only. Please note that all refuse must be placed inside trash and recycling dumpsters, which are available for use.
  • All amplified music and alcohol service must end one hour prior to the end time on the contract to allow for clean-up time. Amplified music cannot exceed 75 decibels at a distance of 50 feet at any time. DJs and bands are permitted inside the house; easy-listening, low-volume music is permitted outside. Music must not disturb the neighbors. Non-compliance will result in early closure of the event or no refund of deposit.
  • All furniture belonging to the Sesnon House is available for use inside the house or on the terrace.
  • The use of tacks, nails, any kind of tape, staples and/or any other materials which may permanently damage the historic house are prohibited. No flammable materials shall be used in decorations.
  • No foliage or flowers may be cut from the grounds.
  • Fully contained votive candles or hurricane glass surrounding candles may be used. No open flames are allowed.
  • No rice, seeds, red petals, confetti, gold sparkle or any other objects may be thrown in or around the Sesnon House.
  • Use of the fireplace can be arranged in advance and extra fees may apply. Bring your own logs or Presto Logs.
  • Children may not be allowed to run in or around the Sesnon House and must be supervised by parent or sitter at a ratio of three children to one adult. Non-compliance may result in early closure of event of no refund of deposit.
  • The client must provide the event coordinator with all details of the event and any changes in plans must be approved.
  • No dogs are allowed inside or outside of the Sesnon House except seeing- eye dogs.
  • All outside contractors must be informed of the all-inclusive specified contract time. The client will be charged for additional time if the vendors set up before or pick up after the contract time. This includes the outside area.
  • Food and beverage stains, such as berry juice, red wine, coffee or chocolate, may require additional cleaning fees.

To see a 360 degree virtual tour of the Sesnon House, click here.

To reserve the Sesnon House, please call the Sesnon House Event Coordinator at 831-479-6229. For Pino Alto Restaurant reservations, please call 831-479-6524.

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