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Framework to Facilitate a Successful Event

The Sesnon House is a beautiful historic mansion located on the Cabrillo College campus. The house is used as a college facility but is also available for rent to private groups and local non-profit organizations. The Sesnon House is also the home of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program, the Cabrillo College Foundation and the Sesnon House business office.

The mission of the Sesnon House is to provide a learning environment for the students, staff, and faculty of Cabrillo College and to provide a beautiful location for events in the community, as well as to financially support the upkeep, operation, and heritage of the House and the Culinary Arts program. While we strive to employ the highest standard of service and hospitality, please understand that the service provided is in the context of a learning environment.

Here is some additional information regarding the basic guidelines for renting the house.


The Sesnon House is on the Cabrillo College campus is generally closed for all federal holidays, and any time the school is closed for any reason.


The Culinary Arts program will have the first right of refusal for all catering services in the house. The Culinary Arts Program is available for catering only during the college's fall and spring semesters, and during a six-week summer semester. Catering through the Culinary Arts Program is not available on Sundays. Arrangements for rental and catering services are made through the Coordinator of the Sesnon House. If the Culinary Arts Program is not available, then a licensed caterer from our approved list of vendors must be used. All food must come from a licensed food handler and a health inspected kitchen.

Alcohol Consumption and Service

We can serve beer, wine, and champagne here at the house. You can bring in your own and hire a culinary student to serve. Currently, only culinary students can serve alcohol on campus. The Sesnon House coordinator is responsible for hiring the student, and you would pay them directly. We do not charge corkage fees.

Sesnon House patrons are encouraged to exercise moderation in their consumption of alcohol, staying within the legal limits. Alcohol service may not exceed 5 hours. The Sesnon House representative reserves the right to shut down the bar at any time. Non-cooperation may result in the closure of your event by the Sesnon House staff or the sheriff's department and forfeiture of your deposit and paid rental fees.

Hard liquor and spirits are not allowed on campus or in the parking lot at any time.


In confirming a reservation, a security deposit and a signed contract must be received. This deposit will be refunded after the event if there are no damages to the house and if the contract guidelines are followed.

To reserve the facility, you must be over the age of 21. Groups with participants under 21 years of age must have adult chaperones at a ratio of one adult (over 18 years of age) to three minors. Sesnon House reserves the right to require a higher ratio depending on the event and the number of young children present at the event.

Sesnon House may book multiple rooms for different events at the same time unless a reservation for the entire house is secured for one organization or party. Weddings and large parties are required to book the entire house.

Certificate of General Liability Insurance

A Certificate of General Liability Insurance, naming Cabrillo College as additionally insured, in the amount of $1 million, is required for all co-sponsored events, non-profit or private parties, regardless of group size. Certificate of insurance must be received no later than 15 business days before the event.

culinary student

Event Staffing

During private or non-profit meetings and events, a Sesnon House representative will be present at the facility.


The parking lot in front of the Sesnon House is available. There are 45 parking spaces, six handicap spaces, and one loading zone space. Additional parking is available in the parking structure across the street and on Soquel Dr. Guests are welcome to leave their cars overnight on the weekends.


Contract times must include set up and clean up times.

Cabrillo College is a non-smoking campus, to include vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and any tobacco products.

Kitchen facilities are not available for use to outside users, vendors or caterers.

We do require that all food come from a licensed and health inspected food seller.

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