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The TLC provides ongoing programming that promotes professional learning in many areas, including instructional design, curriculum development, distance education, and pedagogy. This can take the form of DE Academy, Flex Events, Community of Practice events, and Canvas Courses. Please check back often for upcoming events.

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The first step towards teaching online at Cabrillo
DE Academy

The DE Academy is a required course for faculty planning to teach online. It is offered once a year, but can be substitued by taking the @One Online Teaching and Design . The TLC will reimburse the expense after the course is completed, per the instructions below:

  1. Register for the course and pay the fee

  2. Complete the course and earn a badge

  3. Submit the @ONE Course Reimbursement Process. You'll need to upload a Cabrillo reimbursement form, a purchase receipt, and copy of the @ONE badge.

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No upcoming events at this time.

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