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natural & applied sciences division

Program Chair:  Gerlinde Brady, 831.477.5672
Division Dean:  Wanda Garner
Division Office:  Room 701
Counselor:  831.479.6274 for appointment
Watsonville Counselor:  831.477.5134
Call 831.479.6328 for more information

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Computer and Information Systems is the umbrella department for vocational programs in computers and technology.

These programs provide job opportunities in computer technology, often without a Bachelor's degree. Cabrillo offers many exciting programs and courses in the following areas:

If you are interested in careers in other related areas of computer technology, look at the following programs:

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Computer Support Specialist

The CSS program at Cabrillo prepares students for a career in the field of computer technical support. Courses provide hands-on experience with computer hardware and software, basic networking and help desk concepts. Communication skills, which are critical to success in this field, are emphasized in the program.

The CSS program prepares students for CompTIA certification exams like the A+, Network + and Security +. CompTIA is the world’s largest developer of vendor-neutral IT certification exams. Many employers value CompTIA certifications. Seventy-four percent of IT managers say a CompTIA certification is an important factor in considering an employee for a promotion.

For more information see our PDF documents:


Web Programming

When a Web-page designer wants more interactive and dynamic Web pages, he or she learns to use client-side and server-side programming languages. On the server, a developer must often design and program databases. The combination of client-side and server-side programming enables many of the newer Web services like Google Maps, MySpace and YouTube.

Cabrillo offers two certificates in Web Programming:

Occasionally, we offer other courses in Web programming depending on student interest. If you are interested in another of our offerings, or would like to let us know about courses you want to see offered, please let us know.


Certificate of Achievement: Web Programming

Two Consecutive Semesters Plus Summer

Fall Spring Summer
CIS 132 CIS 90* CIS 165XX CS12J or CS 20J CIS 131
MATH 152 or MATH 4    
ENGL 1A/1AMC COMM 2 or COMM 10  

Note: MATH 4 required only if taking CS 20J; XX = any suffix

Three Consecutive Semesters Plus Summer

Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring
CIS 132 CIS 165XX CIS 131 CS 12J CIS 90* CS 20J*
MATH 152     MATH 4*  
ENGL 1A/1AMC COMM 2 or COMM 10      

Note: MATH 4 required only if taking CS 20J; XX = any suffix


Skills Certificate: Web Programming

Three Consecutive Semesters Plus Optional Summer

Fall Spring Summer Fall
CIS 132** 165XX CIS 131** CS 12J or CS 20J
MATH 154 MATH 152 MATH 4  

Note: MATH 4 required only if taking CS 20J.



* Strongly recommended but not required.
** 1 of these two courses are required

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