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Contact Information

Internship & Work Experience Instructor: Matthew Weis
Phone: 831.477.5650
Email: Message Me
Student Assistant: Veronica Pantoja
Phone: 831.477.3396
Location: Cabrillo College - SAC West Building, 1st Floor
6500 Soquel Ave
Aptos, CA 95003

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Is an internship the same as a job?

No. The word internship is sometimes loosely defined, but an internship is tailored to a student or recent graduate in a particular field of study. An internship provides hands-on, supervised job training by a professional in the field.

An internship will identify specific learning outcomes with clear action steps needed to achieve outcomes. This may mean performing job duties that help the student demonstrate skills for which they are being trained

In addition, an internship is a finite placement with a clear start date, finish date, and schedule determined upon hiring. Internships can be paid or unpaid. They can be as short as a few weeks or up to a year in length, internships typically fall in the 3-6 month range. Duration can be determined by the employer.

When can I enroll for this course?

Students who already have an internship, job, or volunteer position can enroll for credit during the first 12 weeks of Fall and Spring semester and the first 6 weeks of Summer session.

What if I can’t complete my hours by the end of the semester?

Students often use the Incomplete Process if the hours needed to complete their course carries over past the end of the semester they are enrolled in. Students taking an Incomplete grade will make a contract with the instructor to identify the completion date for the course.

Can I enroll if I am currently employed?

Yes. Once you enroll, you can begin counting hours toward completion of your unit requirements.

How do I know if this class will count toward my graduation requirements?

The Internship and Work Experience instructor can provide advising to assist with this. Students can also refer to the degree and certificate requirements online or meet with an academic counselor for requirements.

Can I take this course more than one time? Is it repeatable?

Yes, this course can be repeated. Students can enroll in up to 6 units of Cooperative Work Experience and/or 12 units of Occupational Work Experience.

Does my employer need to attend any meetings or fill out any forms?

Yes, employers are required to:

  • Complete the Employer/Student Contact form
  • Review and sign the Cabrillo College/Employer Memorandum of Agreement
  • Provide a job description
  • Assist in the development of student learning objectives
  • Meet with the Cabrillo Internship and Work Experience Instructor at the worksite
  • Complete a short performance evaluation
  • Sign off on time card

See Resources page for documents.

Can I take this course more than one time? Is it repeatable?

Yes, this course can be repeated. Students can enroll in up to 6 units of Cooperative Work Experience and/or 12 units of Occupational Work Experience.

What is the difference between General and Occupational Work Experience?

Occupational Work Experience Courses are assigned to specific programs. Credit for these courses specifically relate to program instruction and outcomes as well as count toward degree and certificate completion. General Work Experience is for students wishing to gain credit and experience but not connected to a specific college program.

What does CWEE mean?

Cooperative Work Experience Education. This is the technical term for the program as defined by CA State Ed Code.

Can I enroll for Work Experience credit if my position is outside of the Monterey Bay region?

Yes, most students participate in local internships and jobs but many opportunities exist worldwide, and earning credit is an option.



How do I recruit from Cabrillo?

The Internship and Work Experience Instructor can work with you to develop job and internship positions, identify programs at the college that are relevant to your workforce needs. For more information, contact us or read through the Employers page.

What are the laws regarding unpaid internships for a business?

Refer to this summary from the Dept. of Labor regarding criteria for hosting unpaid internships.

As an employer, are there other ways to get involved with Cabrillo College?

Yes, in addition to hiring students, employers can participate in industry advisory meetings for their respective field. For more information, contact the Internship and Work Experience Instructor.

Can I terminate an intern?

Yes, interns can be terminated for cause.

Can I offer a stipend instead of an hourly wage to a student?

Yes. However, this will still be considered an unpaid internship.

Can I work with Cabrillo to develop my internship?

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