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Contact Information

Internship & Work Experience Instructor: Matthew Weis
Phone: 831.477.5650
Email: Message Me
Student Assistant: Veronica Pantoja
Phone: 831.477.3396
Location: Cabrillo College - SAC West Building, 1st Floor
6500 Soquel Ave
Aptos, CA 95003

Success Stories


CWEE helps you realize those goals by providing a reason to focus on particular objectives in the workplace. When you are forced to set learning objectives and see them through, the benefits are clearer and the rewards are much more immediate. The CWEE also provides a way to earn college credits while gaining valuable experience which, in addition to any financial benefits a real job provides, also looks great on college transcripts for future academic endeavors. All this combined makes CWEE not only the most challenging course I've participated in at Cabrillo College, but also by far the most personally rewarding.
-- Steve Slaney, CWEE student with Sue Nerton WEI

The first day I walked in to the Morgan Stanley office in Santa Cruz I was extremely excited. I knew that I had a great opportunity to learn something new in a real life environment. I was excited to do something outside of UCSC and Cabrillo although it involved my education. To me, I feel that my internship has been the most beneficial experience I have encountered throughout my academic career.
-- Byron Diaz, CWEE student with Cathy Jo Diaz WEI.

Something I learned that is very important is that I enjoy working with all the various science fields. In my internship, I got to use my physics, chemistry and computer science skills as well as my knowledge of biology. I learned that this is common in the biology field and that strengthened my belief that biology may be the field for me.
-- Patricia Perasso, CWEE student with Dave Schwartz WEI


The staff at the Internship and Work Experience Program demystified and streamlined the process for running a student internship at our company. They provide a concise framework and clear understanding of what is involved, and the support needed to insure the internships are productive for both student and employer.
--Chris Miller, Cloud Brigade

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