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The Women's Studies major is an interdisciplinary major...


It gives students the opportunity to study women's experiences and questions of gender from a variety of perspectives, including feminist theory, history, religion, literature, cross cultural studies, psychology, sociology, sexuality, women and work, and women and the family. Courses in this major enrich the student's knowledge of the historical, social, and cultural contributions of women from many ethnic groups all over the world, provide a feminist perspective on the study of sexual and racial oppression, and promote a rigorous scholarly inquiry of women's rapidly changing economic, legal, and political position in society. The program also emphasizes personal growth through student participation and collaboration. Women's Studies courses attempt to define a society free of sexual, ethnic, age and class barriers.

Because the major is interdisciplinary, it gives students a comprehensive liberal arts background and prepares them for upper division work in Women's Studies and many other humanities and social science majors at four year colleges and universities. Students may also earn an A.A. degree from Cabrillo with a Women's Studies emphasis. Course work in this major leads to careers in the health professions, law, education, counseling, political and social work, journalism, public relations and communications, and public administration, among many others.

Contact Information
Women's Studies Department
Chair: Dr. M. Teresa Macedo
Phone 831.477.3254
Location Room 433C
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