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Student Trustee Roles

Relationship with Associated Students (ASCC Student Senate)

  • The student trustee will maintain a working relationship with the ASCC Student Senate by attending and participating in all ASCC Student Senate meetings, per its Constitution and Bylaws.

Expectations for involvement

  • Attend regular and special board meetings.
  • Speak on all issues on behalf of current students and the ASCC Student Senate
  • Vote on all action items (This is an advisory vote per BP 2015) (training piece)
  • Make and second motions per BP 2015 (training piece)

Contact point

  • The same advisor as the ASCC Student Senate
  • Superintendent only for Board Training and Handbook (training piece noted above would be in this handbook)

Point of View

  • Intermediate and operational issues on behalf of current students and the ASCC Student Senate
  • Long range and broad on behalf of future students

Orientation and Training for the Position

  • Focus on internal, student-oriented issues. Orientation and major sources of information are the ASCC Student Senate, other students, and administration
  • Orientation and training handbook to be used as part of the Board Training

Rights and Privileges

  • Privileges are granted as far as the law allows
  • Has an advisory vote (As noted above)

Financial Support

  • Same support as other trustees receive
  • One conference for the Student Trustee with the advisor, either:
    • Community College League of California Trustee Student Training (usually in August); or
    • Community College League of California Legislative Conference
  • Funding for the Advisor may come from the ASCC Student Senate or the President


Last Revision: March, 14, 2014

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