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Fire Safety/Evacuation Center

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Shooter / Sniper / Armed Intruder

Immediate Actions:

When shooting begins or when you are advised that a shooting on campus has taken place, you should do the following:

  1. Do not come to campus if you aren't already there.
  2. Initiate Code RED Lockdown:

    If you hear the sound of gunshots or you are instructed to do so, initiate Code RED lockdown procedures:

    • Lock doors, close curtains, silence phones, spread out and get low, away from windows or fields of fire. Refer to communication plan for notification procedures.
  3. Do NOT evacuate rooms or buildings unless told to do so by the Building Manager, police officers, or unless is it absolutely clear that it is safe to do so.
  4. Call 911. Give the following information:
    - Indicate that there has been a shooting or that someone has been shot.
    - The exact location of the suspect(s) including building, type of building, number of exits, room/office number, front or side window, roof, office, classroom, etc.
    - Whether any shots were fired by the suspect(s), if the suspect(s) is still shooting, and the type of weapon (rifle, shotgun, handgun, etc.) or explosive device(s)
    - Description of suspects(s), their clothing, vehicle used, and direction of travel.
    - Condition and number of hostages, and number of victims injured or killed.
    - Any demands or information supplied by suspect(s).
  5. Follow the instructions of 911 personnel, police officers, or other rescue personnel.



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