STARS First Year Experience (FYE):
Learning Communities Program

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Be part of a Learning Community and be successful at Cabrillo College!!!

STARS Learning Communities for 2017-2018

STARS FYE: Transfer and General education

(English 100 placement required)

STARS FYE: Writing, Reading, and Digital Skills

(English 255 placement required)


Fall 2017 General Overview Flyer -  Click HERE

Fall 2017 Flyer and Schedule: English 100(M/W) #1 -  Click HERE

Fall 2017 Flyer and Schedule: English 100 (T/Th) #2 -  Click HERE

Fall 2017 Flyer and Schedule: English 255 level -  Click HERE




Applications are now available for Fall 2017:


The STARS First Year Experience program is designed to give you tools and the support necessary to be a successful student. Here are some of the highlights of the STARS First Year Experience Program:

  • Early / Priority Class Registration- convenient block schedule and guaranteed enrollment
  • Take English and math courses required to begin a career or major
  • Make new friends – take classes together and meet other students and teachers at Cabrillo!
  • Orientation – 1 to 2 day orientation program before the start of school to jump start your introduction to college
  • Introduction to College and FYE College Success Course
  • Math Tutoring and Extra Support through Supplemental Instruction
  • Activities and STARS Club events (career workshops, club activities, study skills workshops, etc.)
  • First Year Experience Faculty - caring and committed instructors dedicated to student success


The STARS First Year Experience program is designed to prepare you for academic success and to help you in selecting the career path that is right for you. You can join the program if you plan to be a full-time student. Starting a new educational journey at Cabrillo College can be exciting and overwhelming. That is why Cabrillo has created a First Year Experience (FYE) program. The STARS Learning Community links people with support programs that create a path to college success!

Eligibility and How to Join the Program: You must do the following three steps to become part of the STARS First Year Experience Learning Community.

  1. Compete a Cabrillo College application (you must apply to the Fall 2017 term).
  2. Take the Math and English college assessment exams: Students will need to place in the following levels to be eligible. Please check each learning community above for specific requirements.
    • Math 254, 154 or 152
    • English 100 or 255
  3. Complete the STARS First Year Experience Program Application.

Priority to enroll in the STARS program is given to students who are interested in

  • completing an Associates Degree at Cabrillo or transferring to a four-year university
  • being a full-time student (12 units or more per semester)
  • have not attended college full-time within the last three years or have less than 15 attempted units
  • want support in the successful transition to Cabrillo during their first year
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