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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete my prerequisites before I apply?

Please follow the link below for your answer:
Dental Hygiene Program Application Instructions and Application Form.

Can prerequisite courses from other schools be used?

Yes, if the school is accredited and if the course is equivalent to our requirement. Check with a counselor to determine this. Bring transcripts to the counseling appointment. You can also use the Cabrillo DH Counselor's Equivalency Evaluation form to determine equivalency for a few of the local community colleges.

Do I have to meet with a counselor before applying?

It is highly recommended. An established Education Plan assists students in completing all AS Degree Dental Hygiene required course work. See the DH Counseling Form and call the Counseling Department at 831-479-6274 to make an appointment with a Cabrillo College academic counselor.

Is there a counselor who specializes in advising dental hygiene students?

Yes, call the main Counseling Office website for general information or call 831-479-6274 to schedule an in person or over the phone appointment with the Dental Hygiene Program Counselor.

Is there an Advanced Placement option in the Dental Hygiene Program?

There is no option in place for the DH program to accept students transferring from other DH programs.

Is California residency required for admission to the Dental Hygiene Program?

No. See the Admissions and Records website for detailed information on Residency requirements.

How do I apply to Cabrillo College?

Visit the Apply for Admission area of the Admissions and Records website to Apply and Register for Classes

How do I request an application to the Dental Hygiene Program?

Application Form and instructions must be downloaded

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. There is no deadline. Qualified applications are placed in the order received.

Is there a waiting list to get into the Dental Hygiene Program?

Yes, please click here for more information about our wait list.

How can I find out what my wait list status and how close I am to the top of the list?

Yearly in September Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene program will notify you via email of your placement on the wait list. Due to the frequent changes we are not able to answer this questions on the status daily. If a change impacts you directly, you will be notified immediately.

When does the program start?

The Dental Hygiene Program starts once a year, every Summer semester.

Approximately how much time must one devote to the Dental Hygiene Program once enrolled?

Total hours, including study time, is approximately 60-65 hours per week.

What is the program cost?

The total approximate cost for the 2 year DH Program is $18,941.00.

What is Clinical Compliance?

Clinical Compliance is required for all students. Clinical Compliance means being ready to work in a clinical setting. Clinical experience is essential to every Allied Health program, but, to serve in the clinical setting many requirements must be met in order to protect your safety, the safety of your peers, and the safety of the patients with whom you will be working. To see the process go to:

What is the program schedule?

DH Program is a 2 year full time program. The classes are scheduled Monday through Friday with periodic Saturdays, 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

What are Cabrillo College blood-borne pathogen guidelines?

A bloodborne pathogen is a pathogenic microorganism present in human blood that can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include, but are not limited to Hepatitis B Virus [HBV], Hepatitis C Virus [HCV], and Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV].

Please see the following links for detailed information:

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