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Distance Education Courses

Fall 2018 Online Course Schedule

Use WebAdvisor or Student Planning to register.

CanvasLog in to Canvas to access distance courses
Additional resources for distance students are located in the page menu to the left side of the screen.

New to Canvas? See Login Help for Students

Look up instructors web page.

Discover what online learning is like. Enroll in the Summer & Fall 2018 Quest for Success.
For those of you who may have never taken an online course, this tutorial will help enlighten you on what lies ahead.

Flexible Options for Earning a Degree and Certificate Online
Some programs include hybrid courses offered part online and part on campus.

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Before Classes Begin

  • Step 1: Look up your class(es) in Student Self-Service or WebAdvisor. You can also check the Schedule of Classes to see if there is a mandatory on-campus orientation and/or on-campus meetings. If you are new to Cabrillo, visit the online orientation.
  • Step 2: Visit your instructor's web page for more detailed information about the course. Note the Instructor's phone/email/office hours.
  • Step 3: The primary learning management system (LMS) for Cabrillo College is Canvas. This is where your course content will be stored and accessed.
  • Step 4: Access to Canvas courses will begin on the first day of classes. Use your Cabrillo ID/password to log in.
  • Step 5: If you wish to add a class after the term begins, contact your instructor for an Add Code and add on WebAdvisor. Your added course will show up in Canvas before the end of the day in which you register.

Online Conduct Standards

Students are expected to meet conduct standards outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Section V. subsection G. refers to discipline related to online or distance education.

Out-of-State Residency

Out-of-State Residency
Effective spring 2014, students who reside out-of-state will not be able to register for online classes. Student athletes, or other students who are physically present at Cabrillo may register for an online class in-person at Admissions and Records. State-to-state authorization facilitated by the California Community Colleges is pending. We hope to resume registration for students wanting to enroll in online courses, but reside out-of-state, in the near future.

Assessment Center
Are you taking a Math or English class that requires a prerequisite or an assessment before you can register or attend the class? Visit the Assessment Center's webpage for the testing schedule.

Student Complaint Process

Cabrillo College extends to all students the right to petition for readdress of grievance. The right to petition may be initiated at any time when the student has a grievance against any college employee, policy or procedure at Cabrillo. The Pre-Grievance Problem Resolution Procedure is outlined in section VI. E. of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. The primary goal of this procedure is to produce a mutually acceptable solution to the student’s complaint as soon as possible and at the lowest administrative level possible.

Discipline Related to Online or Distance Education

Student Code of Conduct

A student's conduct in an online learning environment must conform to those acceptable standards for all students as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. the use of threatening, harassing, sexually explicit language, or discriminatory language or conduct that violates state and federal law and Cabrillo College policy on sexual harassment or discrimination;
  2. disruptive behavior online such as use of profanity, or disrespectful language used in course communication tools such as discussion forums, email, blogs, etc.; (See Section IV. C.)
  3. unauthorized posting or transmitting content that violates state or federal law, or Cabrillo's Academic Honor Code. (See Sections III. A. and III. B.) This includes College policy on academic dishonesty;
  4. violation of the terms of service agreement for course software, including reconfiguring the software, or gaining unauthorized access.

Distance Education Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Cabrillo College Distance Education Program is to extend access to new populations and to serve students who need flexibility in time and location in order to meet career and transfer goals, degree requirements, life-long learning goals and develop basic skills. The program emphasizes working effectively in technology-mediated environments, promoting information literacy, and student learning outcomes.

Contact Information
Teaching & Learning Center
Distance Education
Phone: 831.479.5030
Fax: 831.479.5721
Email: Send a message
Web: TLC

Monday - Friday:
8:00am - 5:00pm

Calendar: Calendar
Location: #1095 & 1096
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