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Contact Information

Grants Development Director:
Carrie Mulcaire 831.477.3566
Grants Analyst:
Doreen O'Donovan 831.477.6481
Admin Assistant:
Buff McKinley 831.477.5577
Location: 2550 Building,
lower campus

GraduatesScience Students

Welcome to the Grants Office (GO)

The purpose of the Grant Office (GO) is to assist college departments and personnel seeking grant opportunities in order to advance the college’s mission for student success, prevent duplication of efforts, and expand external revenue sources. Our office staff seek to engage and equip faculty and staff with the resources and best practices for developing and managing government funding – both state and federal. These resources are important in further developing innovative educational programming and services for Cabrillo students.

Grant Approval Process    Forms

For Cabrillo personnel seeking private foundation funding, please contact the Cabrillo Foundation.

ARE YOU A STUDENT? The Cabrillo Grants Office (GO) works with departments, faculty and staff to obtain grants for district programs and operations. All Student Aid, including individual grants, is handled through the Financial Aid Department.


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Please check back for updated information.

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