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Honors Student Traits/Pitfalls

Bay Area Honors Symposium - April/May, 2015

Honors FAQ's - for current students:



Transfer Out of State:

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education/Western Undergraduate Exchange- WICHE/WUE link

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List of WUE Institutions



UCLA Transfer Admission webpage

UCLA TAP Info and Tips

College of Letters and Sciences majors - see "Career vs. Major" in "Archived Events"







Faculty Resources:

Honors Faculty Roundtable - OCT 25

Bay Honors Consortium/Symposium

Honors Transfer Council of California

Honors Contracts - See Above

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Seek Challenges... Pursue Excellence... Join Cabrillo College's Honors Transfer Program


Honors Newsletter, Fall 2014

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Current Cabrillo students with completed college coursework may apply for the Spring, 2015 semester between September 15 and November 15, 2014.



Newsflash: Five of our Honors Students presented their original research at the Bay Honors Research Symposium at UC Berkeley on May 3rd - and Samantha Zevanove won the Heslet Scholar Award for her presentation. Congratulations Samantha! and well done all!


Honors Symposium Presenters and future presenters UC Berkeley - May, 2014


Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program is a member of UCLA's Transfer Alliance Program (TAP). Qualified Honors students have priority admission into the College of Letters and Sciences at UCLA. See the UCLA TAP link on the left of this page.


Honors Transfer Program

Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program began in 2008 and currently has 220 active students.

What Does Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program Provide?

Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program provides an enriched educational experience by offering honors classes that provide an opportunity for challenging outside research, stimulating seminars and sophisticated literature. Our goal is to encourage our students to seek challenges and pursue excellence. This program is about digging deeper, going beyond the textbook, and sharing your talents and interests with other highly motivated students.

Our honors courses reflect our instructors' interests in, and commitment to, a rigorous exploration of academic, intellectual, cultural and social issues. We offer a full array of university transfer classes and an honors learning community that serves the high potential, high achieving students of our county. Universities are looking for outstanding students who have done more than the minimum transfer requirements. As a result, Universities actively pursue honors students.


Who Joins the Program?

Students from all backgrounds, ages and experiences join Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program. Current Cabrillo students, students coming to Cabrillo from other colleges and universities, and recent high school graduates are all welcome to apply to the program.

Intrigued? We thought so. Here are the next steps: 1) Review the minimum qualifications below 2) Complete an application and submit it to the Honors Transfer Program Office along with your essay and one letter of recommendation. It's that simple! We'll contact you within two weeks after receiving your packet.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Students applying directly from high school need a minimum 3.5 weighted high school GPA or 1900 SAT or 29 ACT test scores.
  • Students who have completed high school and are enrolled in college (Cabrillo or another college) need a minimum 3.3 cumulative transferable GPA.
  • Verification of eligibility for Freshman Composition - ENGL 1A: through Cabrillo Assessment, EAP scores or AP English Lang/Com or English Lit/Com minimum score of 3 (4 preferred)
  • One letter of recommendation, and a 250-word statement (included in the on-line application) are also required to complete your application for the Honors Transfer Program.

*Please use the "Honors Transfer Program Minimum Qualifications" link on the upper-left for more details.

Why Join The Honors Transfer Program?

As four-year universities become increasingly selective, transfer students need every edge to assist them with their transfer admission. Honors students are in high demand at selective universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pomona, UC San Diego, Pitzer and more.

What Honors Students Experience:

  • Priority admission or a competitive edge in the transfer admissions process depending on the college or university to which you apply
  • Scholarship advising and opportunities
  • Research support from Cabrillo's award winning library staff
  • Counseling and transfer assistance
  • Recognition of honors coursework on transcripts and at graduation
  • Smaller class size (35 or fewer students per class)
  • Faculty mentors
  • A stimulating environment
  • Membership in an honors transfer community of students
  • Enriched curriculum
  • A strong support network

Honors Scholar Designation

To achieve the Honors Scholar designation, students must complete at least 4 or 5 honors courses (minimum of 15 semester units) with a transferable GPA of 3.40 or higher. Each honors course completed is noted with Honors on a student's transcript. Students who complete the 15-unit program - and submit the Designated Honors Scholar Application - receive the designation Honors Scholar posted on their transcript and if they also achieve an Associate Degree, their accomplishment will be announced at Cabrillo's graduation. Both honors courses and the Honors Scholar designation will stand out on university applications and improve students' chances of being admitted to selective college and universities.

Applying to the Honors Program as a Current Cabrillo Student:

Current Cabrillo students with completed college coursework may apply for the Spring, 2015 semester between September 15 and November 15, 2014.

Current Cabrillo students must have a 3.3 GPA in at least 6 units of COMPLETED transferable college coursework.

Apply here - on-line APPLICATION

Submit any transcripts from other Colleges, AP or IB scores to the address below if not already on file with Cabrillo Admissions and Records. Please use the on-line application linked in the upper-left of this page, include your essay within that application.

The required letter of recommendation may be an e-mail from a Cabrillo faculty member directly to the Honors Director.

If you wish to apply the Honors program in your first semester and have not yet completed 6 units of transferable college-level coursework, you should provide your h.s. transcript (unofficial OK), and a letter of recommendation from one of your current Cabrillo instructors - preferably your English instructor (e-mail OK). A current, in-progress grade report may also be required at the discretion of the Honors Director.

Applying to the Program as a Graduating High School Senior:

Students graduating from high school in Spring, 2015, may apply to the Honors Program between February 1st, 2015 and March 15th, 2015.

Please Refer to "Minimum Qualifications" (above left) for complete requirements


Official Transcripts -to include Fall grades, AP/IB scores, EAP scores (copies OK for EAP) and letters of recommendation should be mailed to:

Office of Instruction, Room SAC West 213
Attn: Honors Transfer Program
Cabrillo College
6500 Soquel Drive
Aptos, CA 95003


New students must also complete a separate, on-line application to Cabrillo College through CCC Apply - This is required even if you have previously taken Cabrillo courses as a concurrently-enrolled high school student. Click HERE TO APPLY to Cabrillo College for Fall Admission (beginning October, 2014 for Fall, 2015 enrollment)
If you are graduating from a Santa Cruz County high school, you should also participate in RUNNING START for early registration. See your high school counselor, and submit an Intent to Participate in Running Start form.


Please complete your English (and Math) Assessments as soon as possible after you apply to Cabrillo College. You do not have to wait to take the Assessments with your high school group. See the Calendar on the Assessment web page.


Counseling and further information:

You may make an appointment with a Cabrillo Counselor by calling


There are also 3 designated Honors Counselors who work with our Honors students and have specific information about the Honors Transfer Program:

Rudy Puente (Watsonville)

Barbara Schultz-Perez

Marcie Wald

Keep Calm and See a Counselor


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