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Accessing MyASC for Faculty

Testing Agreements for Faculty

Using the ASC Faculty Portal

To access the faculty portal:

Go to the ASC Home Page and select MyASC for Faculty. Alternatively, you can select MyASC for Faculty on the "Useful Resources for Faculty" page accessed from the sidebar menu.

  1. Sign-in using your Cabrillo College credentials.

  2. Please review the reminder regarding FERPA and student confidentiality and click the "Continue to View Student Accommodations" button.

Overview Page

This will be your Faculty Portal homepage where you can view a summary list of students in your classes who have requested reasonable accommodations. Students who have not yet requested their accommodations through MyASC will not show up until they do so. To read an individual Faculty Notification Letter, select "View" next to the student name on the accompanying line.

Search Students' Eligibilities

  1. If you have several students, you can always search for a specific accommodation by selecting "Search Students' Eligibilities".

  2. Expand the "Advanced Search Panel". Select a specific accommodation and then select "Search".

  3. Doing so will pull up a list of students and their emails.

  4. Selecting one of these will provide more information regarding students who have requested these accommodations.

Views and Tools Menu

Alternative formats

Alternative formats displays a list of texts that the ASC is converting to an alternative format for the student. Alternative formats, may include Braille, text selectable PDFs, audio, and/or structured Word documents among others.

Alternative Testing

This section will allow you to manage the Exam Accommodations process. Please see instructions below.

How to Submit the Testing Agreement

  1. Log in to your Faculty Portal and navigate to the "Alternative Testing" link on the left.

  2. If your class does not have exams or if you prefer to provide the accommodations yourself, under "Proctoring Your Own Exams" select the class and the appropriate "Type" to designate as such. Your students will be notified accordingly.

  3. Please note, if you choose to provide the exam accommodations yourself, we ask that you contact the Exam Proctor Coordinator to consult on how to ensure all accommodations can be provided for your students.

  4. If you would like the ASC to administer exam accommodations for your courses, under "Specify ASC Testing Agreement" select which course you would like to submit the agreement for and select "Continue to Specify ASC Testing Agreement."

  5. Review the policies outlined at the top and then scroll down to begin entering testing information. This agreement will automatically be used for every student in that particular course who requests exams through MyASC.

  6. Continue to fill out the requested information, including any materials allowed on each exam. If textbooks and/or notes are allowed, please use the text box to specify what books are permitted and how many pages of notes. Please specify if this applies to every exam administered or if certain materials are allowed only on certain exam dates.

  7. Where it says, "Please List All Exam Dates," enter each currently scheduled exam date for the class. Please note, the Testing Agreement cannot be changed once submitted, so if the dates of the exams may change throughout the semester, please note as such.

  8. Under "Exam Types" enter the maximum length of time the students in class may receive for each type of exam. Again, as the Testing Agreement cannot be changed once submitted, it is important to enter all possibilities. The ASC Exam Proctor Coordinator can then shorten or remove a date as needed.

  9. Once complete, select the "Submit ASC Testing Agreement" button. You will receive an email confirmation once it has gone through.

After the Testing Agreement is Submitted

  1. The ASC will consult your Testing Agreement each time a student in this course schedules an exam. You will receive notification for each approved exam scheduled. You may also review all currently scheduled exams in the "Alternative Testing" section of your MyASC Faculty Portal.

  2. The ASC will contact you to request the exam itself about a week before the exam.

  3. You may upload the exam through MyASC directly by selecting the appropriate class in the Alternative Testing module. Then select "Upload Exam."