Equipo de Nutrición y Apoyos Esenciales

Nourishment & Essential Supports Team

Welcome to the NEST

Your one-stop shop for essential needs support services

Our mission is to ensure that every student facing essential needs challenges has equal access to the resources they need to overcome those obstacles. We believe every student already possess the inner strengths they need to succeed, and we back them up with individualized support as unique as they are.

For qualifying students, our services can include:

  • Rental board, referrals, grants, and Santa Cruz County Housing Connector for eligible students

  • Transitional housing partnership with PVSS that includes income-based rent, no cost for utilities, case manager, savings program, and free parking at Watsonville location for female-identifying students.

  • Free food pantry and Fresh Markets on both campuses

  • Grocery gift cards

  • Grants for technology, textbooks, transportation and utilities

  • Personal strength-based case manager

  • Housing workshops

  • Snack and hygiene product baskets at 10 locations in Aptos and 2 in Watsonville

NEST Aptos 902 Food Pantry
NEST Aptos 902
We're here for you!
Aptos NEST 902 and Watsonville NEST A140
APTOS NEST 902 Monday - Thursday
APTOS NEST 902 Fridays
NEST Zoom Drop-in
Fridays 11am-12pm
Meet the NEST team
Monica Mendenhall - Retention & Basic Needs Coordinator
Sam Bass - Student Support Specialist
Karina Collins
Karina Collins - NEST General Assistant
Lily Delariva - Marketing & Social Media Assistant
Adriana Gomez - Food Support Specialist
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Free food for students Summer Session 2024

FREE Fresh Markets - Aptos Library Plaza 10-11AM

  • June 17

  • July 15

Free Food Pantry - Aptos 902

  • Monday-Thursday 10am-1pm (June 10-August 5, 2024)

NEST Featured in the News
PVSS Transitional Housing Program for Cabrillo Students

2-year housing program for unhoused female-identifying students

  • Income-based rent (30% of income for single room, 20% for double room)

  • Free utilities, including Wi-Fi and parking

  • Supportive PVSS Case Manager with financial literacy coaching

  • Savings program

Off-Campus Resources

Santa Cruz County Resources | Recursos del Condado de Santa Cruz

Trained specialists will match your needs to local services ⎯ including recovery resources. It’s free, confidential and available 24 hours a day in more than 150 languages. Text your zip code to 898-211 or visit