What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a fun, exciting, and supportive learning environment for students. Our Learning Community programs offer students the chance to

  • Enhance academic skills

  • Accomplish career or transfer goals

  • Have the support of a college community

Cabrillo Bridge Program

High School seniors and new Cabrillo students can get a head start on their college experience by joining the 3 semester Cabrillo Bridge program. The Cabrillo Bridge Program offers students a pathway to successfully transition into college, build their college skills, learn how to be successful in a college environment, and receive support along the way!

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Estrellas - Next start Fall 2023

Estrellas is a two semester program for freshmen Cabrillo students. Estrellas students learn college skills, build a classroom community, learn about college resources, plan their education pathways, all in a supportive environment. The program includes English 1A & CG 51 with a focus on culture, society, and social justice in the fall semester.

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Estrellas flyer

Math PLUS- Next start August 2023

Free math review program designed to prepare students for their upcoming math course. Have fun reviewing math with friends, terrific tutors, and amazing instructors!

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Math PLUS Course & Section Guide

Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB Program- Next start Fall 2023

Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB is a new program that provides clear roadmaps for students to spend two years at Cabrillo and two years at CSUMB to complete their bachelor's degree in four years. Students can join any one of our Learning Communities and also participate in the 2+2 program!

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Learning Communities