Professional Development and Flex

Promoting growth as an educational community

Educational Services for the Advancement of Faculty and Staff Professionals

Cabrillo College Professional Development and the Flex Calendar Program (Flex), in collaboration with the Office of Student Equity and the Transformative Learning Center (TLC), promote humanizing and equity-minded practices in teaching and learning, technological advancement, institutional effectiveness, and services supporting faculty and staff professionals.

Opportunities for Faculty and Staff
Flexible Calendar Program (Flex)

Flex Week and Flex Events

Flex Week are regular duty days for faculty with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. The Calendar is composed of 10 days of professional development activities per academic year, 5 in the fall, and 5 in spring. Additional Flex Events are designated throughout the year. Faculty Flex requirements are outlined in the CCFT Contract. Currently, staff do not have required regular duty days for Flex but are welcome to participate in any Flex event. Interested in offering a Flex Event? Any employee at Cabrillo may fill out the proposal form to offer a professional development Flex Event. Questions may be directed to the Flex Coordinator.


Faculty may fulfill their flex requirement by attending workshops on flex days or performing pre-approved individual projects for external Flex credit. Faculty track PD in myCabrilloPD which is managed by the Transformative Learning Center (TLC). In myCabrilloPD, staff and faculty can view their transcript to see courses and credits completed. Faculty may submit an External Credit Request for professional development outside of the Flex Program. Under the coordination of the Professional Development Council, the Flex Calendar is managed by the Flex Committee. The first Friday of every month is usually designated as "Flex Friday" for many of the Flex activities throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Vision Resource Center (VRC)

At the end of Spring 2023, we will be switching over from MyCabrilloPD to the Vision Resource Center for finding and registering for Flex Events. Please head over to the Vision Resource Center and click the "New? Start Here!" tab for a great tutorial on how to get started!

Get Support for your Teaching and Learning
Faculty Instructional Guide (FIG)

The Transformative Learning Center (TLC) offers many teaching and learning professional learning opportunities. In collaboration with many campus stakeholders contributed to the creation of the Faculty Instructional Guide (FIG). The "FIG" is your one-stop shop to access information from orientation "getting started" materials, online and in person teaching guidance, and instructional technology available to you.

Opportunities for Classified Staff
Classified Employee Professional Growth Program

The Cabrillo College Classified Employees (CCEU) includes a Professional Growth Program, available to classified employees as outlined in the CCEU contract. Additionally, classified employees are encouraged and welcomed to participate in Flex Week, Flex Fridays, Flex Events and and other professional development opportunities.

Sites for Professional Learning

Transformative Learning Center (TLC)

The Transformative Learning Center (TLC) provides many professional development Flex Event opportunities, including: Community of Practice (CoP), Inclusive, Culturally Responsive and Transformative Teaching and Learning Pedagogies, and Instructional Technology trainings and one-on-one support.

Office of Student Equity

The Office of Student Equity provides many professional development opportunities, including: the Student Equity Certificate Program, Student Equity Day on Tuesday of each Flex Week, a lending library, and Flex Friday activities.

Vision Resource Center

The Vision Resource Center is a portal for professional development and colleague connections within the California Community College System. It provides access to and Skillsoft developed for California Community Colleges and their employees to access effective practices, trainings, and other resources. It also includes communities of practice for Community College employees. To access, click the URL and enter your Cabrillo email address and create an account.


The Online Network of Educators (@ONE) programs provide training and online resources for free—or at a very low cost.


Flexible Calendar Program (Flex) Committee

The Flex committee organizes professional development activities for Flex Week that occur prior to each Fall and Spring semester. They also collaborate on professional development goals, continuous improvement and help to vet trends and needs for Flex Events. The committee meets once monthly for approximately 2 hours.

2022-23 Flex Committee Membership

Dr. Denise Calafato Russo (Flex Coordinator, CCCCO point of contact)

Dr. Eduardo Cervantes, (Admin, VP Designee, Dean)

Dr. Kofi Akinjide (Admin)

Dr. Joy Polanco O'Neil (Faculty Senate Rep)

John Govsky (CCFT)

Kendall Sooter (Faculty Senate)

Dr. Sarah Gerhardt (CCFT)

Dr. Heidi Weber (Dean)

Dr. Rebecca Smith (Faculty Senate Rep)

Shea Ellerson (CCEU)

Hilda Montanez (HR)

Katherine Love (CCEU)

Motoko Nakazawa-Hewett (CCFT)

Kitzia Maciel (Student Senate Rep)

Ketzali Maciel (Student Senate Rep)

Professional Development Council (PD)

The PD Council oversees the Meritorious Service Awards process and serves as an advisory council for the Flex Committee, providing input and representation from all constituent groups on campus. The PD Council membership includes full-time and associate faculty, classified and confidential staff, and administrators and meets once a semester and on an as needed basis.

2022-2023 PD Council Membership

Angela Hoyt

Buff Mckinley

Terrence Willett

Dr. Heidi Weber

Megan Pierce

Holly Goodman

Dr. Kofi Akinjide

Scott Johnson

John Govsky