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Who we are

Santa Cruz County's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a premier hub of experts experienced in mainstreet, techstreet, and agribusiness. Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs receive in-depth advising and training to obtain capital, launch businesses, grow sales, and create jobs. Experience where businesses start, grow and prosper.

One-On-One Advising

The Santa Cruz SBDC offers free, individualized and confidential one-on-one advising for existing businesses and start-ups with the potential for job creation, revenue and profit growth, and new business development ideas which could stimulate economic development in Santa Cruz County and beyond.

Advising services are available by appointment to both existing and start-up business owners. It starts with a simple application. You tell us about your company and your needs and we give a truthful assessment of whether we think we can help. Then, we establish goals to work on (business loan, equity capital, etc.) and we work together to reach that goal. We will meet with you in-person, on the phone, over coffee – whatever works for your schedule. Think of it as having another confidential member on your team - someone who is specifically focused on the business goal you identified as most important - and at no cost to you.

Trainings and Workshops

The Santa Cruz SBDC conducts a wide variety of business seminars across Santa Cruz County on subjects including accessing capital, business planning, e-commerce and web marketing, human resource management, expansion and growth capital, legal and business issues and a variety of best practice programs designed to help small businesses use the best techniques possible to increase sales and profits.

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As a brand new business we couldn't be more grateful for the SBDC and everyone we have worked with from there-from someone guiding us through the process of securing a commercial lease, to someone helping us manage and set up systems to run our business successfully and now a brand specialist is helping us hone in on our target market and brand image. We can't say enough good things about the SBDC for helping us put our best foot forward. We feel confident our business will succeed with the tools the SBDC has given us and happy to know we have them in our corner.
― Ariel Carlson and Lelani Kanter
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