Serving Local High School Seniors

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The Running Start to College Program helps high school seniors in the College's district start college successfully.

All students accepted. No tests. No minimum GPA. First 2 years FREE

  1. Select a major that interests you - you can always change it later

  2. Apply to Cabrillo College as a NEW to college student. Select summer or fall 2023

  3. Allow 72 hours for processing, you'll receive an email from with your College Student ID#

  4. First 2 years FREE! Apply for Financial Aid Submit your FAFSA or CA Dream Act application.

  5. Check with your High School Counselor for workshops scheduled on your campus

Trying to Register?
How Can We Help?
I need help with classes
  • Course selection

  • Prerequisite clearance

  • Trouble-shooting corequisites

Academic Counselors can help you select courses and build your schedule.

Drop-in Advising

I can't log in!
The Welcome Center can identify problems and connect you to the office to resolve issues.
  • My Cabrillo login and password resets

  • General questions and referrals

(831) 479 - 6100

I have a HOLD
Is there a red message in Student Planning that you have a hold on your record?
Admissions & Records can help resolve holds:
  • residency, guardianship and AB540

  • ...and any other records issue

For the best opportunity to get the schedule of classes you have planned -
Register in Student Planning When Your Registration Opens
  1. When your registration opens, the registration buttons in Student Planning will turn BLUE.

  2. To register select the Register buttons.

Be ready on the day your registration opens for the best opportunity to get the schedule you have planned:

  1. Select sections - the days and time you want to take your classes

  2. Find the time that your registration will open

  3. Log into Student Planning before your time

  4. Refresh the page at your time.

  5. Register ANYTIME on or after your time

Once your registration is open, it remains open.

No need to meet with anyone to register, unless you have a question or need help.

ProTip: if your first choices are full: add yourself to the section waitlist and/or have a couple backup sections ready to plug into your schedule.

Log into MyCabrillo Portal
I've Applied, What's Next?

1. Log into MyCabrillo Self-Service Portal

  • User Name is your Cabrillo College 7-digit student ID number

  • Password is your birthdate in the this format: mmddyy or 050505

2. Use your personalized checklist to see tasks you need to complete

ProTip: If you've taken classes as a Dual Enrolled student, you may have already completed some or all of these tasks. That's great!

  • No need to repeat, ever.

  • Your next step is to connect with an Academic Counselor to review your record and create your education plan.

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