Watsonville CTC

Welcome to the Watsonville Computer Technology Center!

The Watsonville Computer Technology Center (WCTC) is open again!

The WCTC provides free access to computers for college-related work; support and materials for classes in computer applications, and a quiet space to study. CABT instructors are available in person to answer any CABT related questions.

For online support, the CTC Zoom is available at the link below. CTC staff will be live on Zoom to support students with any CABT related questions or technical assistance. Support is also available via email at ctc@cabrillo.edu

WCTC Hours (Beginning Feb 23, 2022)
Monday - Thursday
12:00PM - 7:45PM
12:00PM - 3:45PM
9:00AM - 1:00PM
Summer CTC Hours, June 13-July 21 (in person and online via Zoom), Monday-Thursday
Contact Us
(831) 477-5286
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CABT students in WCTC