Congratulations on your decision to register to vote!

Whether you are registering for the first time or updating your voter information, you understand the importance of participating in the political process and the power of just one vote. We believe that a student body comprised of registered voters helps to fulfill the college's mission.

How to Register to Vote

In Person

You may complete a Voter Registration Card at the Santa Cruz County Elections Office located at 701 Ocean St., Room 310 in Santa Cruz, CA.

Voter Registration Cards are also available at many public locations in Santa Cruz County including U.S. Post Offices, public libraries, Department of Motor Vehicles offices, as well as many government offices.

By Phone

You may request that a Voter Registration Card be mailed to you by calling the Santa Cruz County Clerk/Elections office at (831) 454-2060 or (866) 282-5900.


This online voter registration link will allow you to fill out and submit a California registration application electronically. In order to submit the application electronically you must provide your California Drivers license or identification number, date of birth and last four digits of your social security number. If an exact match is found with your DMV record and an electronic signature image is available your application will be complete.

If there is no DMV signature match or if you do not provide your California Drivers License/State Identification number or last four digits of your Social Security Number, the online system will generate a printable, pre-filled voter registration application and instruct you to print, sign and mail it to your county elections office.

The deadline to register for any election is 15 days before the Election Date. Online applications will be considered timely for the election if submitted by midnight on the deadline. If you are required to print, sign and return your form by mail, please do so immediately. Your printed application will include a date and time stamp for our office to verify the timeliness of the application.

How to Vote

By Mail

Vote Early

In Person

Any voter may go to any voting location.

Services will include:

  • obtaining a replacement ballot - you do not need to bring in the ballot we mailed you. Previously issued ballot voided when you come in to vote.

  • voting and turning in the ballot mailed to you,

  • using the Tablet to vote on an accessible ballot or a ballot in Spanish, and

  • registering and voting on the same day.