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Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness


PROmoting institutional effectiveness, supporting PROgram planning decisions, and imPROved student learning.

The first step to new Program Planning reports (Biannual Comprehensive plans and intervening Updates) begins with Updating your Goals and Aligning them to the Strategic plan

Workshop February 14, 2024: Department Goals: The Conversation Hearts of Program Plans!

Office hours in support of Program Planning in eLumen - Wednesdays at 9am.

The mission of the Planning and Research Office (PRO) is to secure and manage high quality data while transforming it into knowledge that can be used to inform and support planning decisions, improve student learning, and promote institutional effectiveness.

As a result of engaging with the Planning and Research Office, clients will be able to identify data sources, request technical assistance, and utilize data and reports in planning and decision making processes.

PRO is Responsible for

  • Coordinating planning activities such as the College Strategic Plan and environmental scanning for Education Master Planning

  • Facilitating Accreditation and Student Learning Outcomes reporting

  • Reviewing and providing mandatory reports to national, state, community organizations, and internal offices at Cabrillo

  • Conducting research studies on the efficacy of innovations

  • Supporting grant activities including acquisition and reporting

  • Providing operational support to campus offices and departments

The SQL Data Warehouse

A secure repository of campus data from a variety of campus data systems including Colleague, SARS, and MIS. This collaborative venture between PRO and Cabrillo IT drives the SQL Reports and Data Dashboards and many of our studies and reports including much of the eFactBook found on the Research page.

Useful Resources

Promoting institutional effectiveness. Supporting program planning decisions and improved student learning.