Guided Pathways at Cabrillo College

Helping students achieve their educational goals.

What is Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways provides students with clearer roadmaps to achieving their dreams, from the moment they decide to come to the college to the time they earn a certificate, degree or transfer. Guided Pathways is equity-driven and student centered, so that we can better help all of our students along all of the stages of their educational journey.

"Guided Pathways honors and values our students and their career and educational aspirations.

--Cabrillo College President, Matt Wetstein

Students, check out Cabrillo's Career Coach to explore career, major, and program options!
Fall 2020 Implementation Teams

There are three implementation teams underway to design and implement the current GP projects:

  1. Onboarding: Infusing Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) into student onboarding and ensuring student-friendly communication from the College.
  2. Cohorts and Careers: Expanding learning cohort opportunities and infusing career information and skills into coursework.
  3. Creating Virtual Community: Applying online platforms to help students build a sense of community and access resources.
I am GP
Learn more about how students, staff, and faculty embody Guided Pathways in their work.
Olga Diaz
Program Coordinator at Watsonville Center

"On-boarding processes are loaded with information for incoming students that can be a bit overwhelming at times. One of my favorite roles at the Watsonville Center is to guide students through the various support services and resources available to them throughout their educational journey, and helping them ease the way through these on-boarding processes. Keeping my office door open for any questions allows me to provide a welcoming experience for students and a place for them to feel supported".

Kendall Sooter
Communication Studies Faculty

"I strive to include Guided Pathways principles both inside the classroom and throughout the Cabrillo experience. I have included assignments in class that encourage students to reflect on their success, their own onboarding process, and what they want the Cabrillo community to look like. I help students find their passions and share their visions to improve the Cabrillo College experience for all of our students."

Guided Pathways Student Assistants

Beginning in 2019, the Guided Pathways office has hired and trained Student Assistants for each semester. They are trained on communication techniques, equity best practices, and the Guided Pathways framework. They serve on implementation teams, work on Guided Pathways projects, gather feedback from additional students across the College, and ensure the student voice is included in all GP decision-making.

Meet Our Leadership Team
Salvetoria Larter
Interim Dean of Counseling and Educational Support Services and Guided Pathways
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Liz Soluri
Anthropology Faculty, Faculty Lead for Guided Pathways
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Steve Schessler
English Faculty, English Department Chair, Faculty Support for Guided Pathways
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Ashley Carniglia
Instructional Procedures Analyst, Scheduling and Mapping Liaison for Guided Pathways
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Nikia Chaney
English FaStudent Voices Liaison for Guided Pathways
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Denise Russo
Part-time Nutrition Faculty, Guided Pathways Professional Development Lead
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