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Creative Arts and Design

A pathway where creative thought and imagination meet in real life. Programs in this CAP will develop your creativity and self-expression, and you’ll learn how art has affirmed the complexities and wonder of life throughout history. This will prepare you for a career in performing arts, digital media, design and studio arts.

Entrepreneurship and Business

A pathway where entrepreneurial vision, leadership and commerce strategy unite. Programs in this CAP will teach you finance, business and office management skills that will prepare you for careers in the government, in the private sector or to run your own business. Businesses may include building and construction management, culinary arts, digital publishing, energy management, horticulture, music technology or welding.

Global and Human Studies

A pathway where curiosity about humans and cultural understanding come together. Programs in this CAP explore cultures, people, and their activities so that you have the skills to solve problems, improve the quality of life for others, understand the past, and create innovative approaches to the future. This will prepare you for careers related to social justice, public policy, education, private counseling or social work.

Health and Public Service

A pathway where the mission of human well-being and protection is realized. Programs in this CAP will train you in human physiology, medical and dental care, criminal justice and fire technology so that you can keep people healthy, safe and protected during emergencies. You will be prepared to enter a career in private and public healthcare, civil service or become a first responder.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

A pathway where analytical thinking, science and logical innovation collaborate. Programs in this CAP will deepen your understanding of the natural and physical world from a scientific perspective so that you are prepared for a career in fields such as environmental policy, engineering, medicine, as well as field and laboratory science.

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