Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office Mission

The Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office mission is to be united with the Cabrillo College community and to make the campus a place where all people can attend safely and without fear. Utilizing community policing and campus partnerships, we work together to allow students, faculty and staff to study and work in an environment conducive for education, learning, and community. We accomplish this through open communication and collaboration with the campus as well as professional development and training of staff.

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Cabrillo College Parking Regulations

Parking Enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Parking permit requirements are subject to changes posted at the beginning of a new semester. Cabrillo College does not provide "FREE" parking. All vehicles parked on Cabrillo College property are required to "properly" display a valid Cabrillo College parking permit.

PERMITS MUST BE MADE VISIBLE: It is the responsibility of the person parking the vehicle to make sure the parking permit is properly displayed. The permit may be affixed to the lower left corner of the vehicle's driver side windshield. The permit may be affixed to a "hang tag" and hung from the vehicle's rear view mirror.

Cabrillo College Staff and Faculty are issued Annual "Staff" Parking permits each October. The first permit is provided at no charge. An additional permit may be purchased for $2.00 and are available through the Welcome Center and/or your department heads. "Staff" parking permits allow for parking in either "Staff" or "Student" parking spaces however, they are not valid in "Visitor" or other specially marked spaces.

Semester permits ($40.00) are available through the Cabrillo College Welcome Center.

One day parking permits ($4.00) are available at permit machines located in parking lots and may be purchased using credit/debit cards only. "Disability" permits are available for those students with temporary injuries that impair their mobility. These permits are available through Student Services. These permits allow for students to park in "Staff" parking but do not allow for parking in "Visitor" or other specially marked spaces. Permits are available for purchase two (2) weeks prior to the "Fall" and "Spring" sessions and one (1) week prior to "Summer" session.

Visitor spaces are limited but available at various locations throughout the campus. Visitor parking space "time limits" are strictly enforced. (staff/student permits are not allowed in visitor spaces). Vendors and Contractors conducting business on the campus must obtain a permit from the Division/Department they are contracted with. (Division/Departments are responsible for the planning and obtaining of permits for their Vendors/Contractors prior to their arrival)

Motorcycles do not need a permit as long as they park in designated motorcycle parking space.

Vehicles displaying a proper "Disabled Persons" placard and/or license plates may park in any Staff, Student or designated "Disabled Parking" space without the need of purchasing or displaying a parking permit

However, "Disabled Person" placards and license plates are not authorized in specially marked spaces such as "Loading zone", "Fire Lane", "Emergency and/or authorized vehicles only" or spaces designated for "Dental Hygiene" patients.

Persons with disabilities and displaying proper placards and/or license plates are encouraged to use any of the specially designated "disabled persons" parking spaces marked with the traditional blue and white markings within the space and a blue and white sign posted in front of the space.

Persons not displaying the proper placard and/or license plate are subject to citation. ($275.00 fine minimum)

Specially issued "disabled persons" permits from the Cabrillo College Disabled Students office DO NOT qualify for disabled persons parking spaces.

Designated parking for alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles actively charging is available on a first come/first served basis. Users must be plugged in and/or actively charging while parked in a Cabrillo College charging space and must display a valid semester or daily parking permit for the date and time they are charging.

In person payments can be paid on campus at The Cabrillo College Sheriff's Office . Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:00pm. We accept MasterCard and Visa or you can pay Online at :

A Standard Payment Plan – Available to all registered owners. No proof of income is required. A one-time $15 fee will be applied. To apply please call the Citation Processing Center at 800-989-2058.

If you feel you received the citation in error you may appeal the citation by; Filing an appeal online (see back of citation). Or by completing an appeal form that is located at the campus' Sheriff's Office. Citations issued are the responsibility of the person parking the vehicle on college property. They have 21 business days from the day the citation was written to proactively resolve the citation through the provided options.

Each appeal is reviewed by a designated Sheriff's Office employee who is not part of the issuance process but well versed in the college's parking rules and regulations. This reviewer uses "basic rules of evidence" when making determinations of appeals. Evidence reviewed may include photos, commonly taken by the citation issuer at the time the citation was issued. The reviewer may also review items the person appealing has chosen to provide. Decisions rendered are mailed to the person appealing the citation at the address they provide at the time the appeals form(s) are completed and submitted.

If you chose to appeal the "appellate decision" made by the reviewer you may request an "Administrative hearing."

The administrative hearing is conducted by a contracted third party. There is a $15.00 non-refundable administrative processing fee charged by the administrative hearing officer for all administrative hearing requests. You must also pay the citation in full upfront. Decisions rendered are mailed to the person appealing. If the administrative reviewer overturns the appeal that was first denied a refund check will be generated and that will conclude the appeals process.

Legal Limitations: California Vehicle Code 40202c: Any peace officer, including the issuing officer, who alters, conceals, modifies, nullifies, or destroys any "notice" of parking violation once issued, is in violation and guilty of a misdemeanor. However, this law does provide means by which the issuing officer may recommend "dismissal" of parking citations under specific circumstances. To comply with the provisions of 40202c CVC, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office began a policy where requests for citation dismissal would be denied except as provided below: The issuing officer is in agreement that the violation did not occur "Interest of Justice" and/or "Extenuating circumstances" Mistake of Fact - Officer Error.

Section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) grants the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office the authority to enforce all California Vehicle Code laws within the Cabrillo College District properties to include but not limited to; parking lots, roadways, driveways, sidewalks, walking paths and common areas. In addition, the district may adopt its own regulations in an effort to provide adequate parking while allowing for the safe movement of both pedestrians and vehicles throughout the District's property (Cabrillo AP 6750)

Note: Parking rules and regulations are created and set forth by the Cabrillo College Administration and its governing board. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office contracts with Cabrillo College to provide law enforcement services on the campus and as such, oversees and assists in the management of the college's parking program. Citations issued for violating the programs rules and regulations are authored by authorized personnel to including Cabrillo College student employees and specific Sheriff's Office personnel.

Vehicle Lockouts and Vehicle Jump Starts
These services are available to students, staff and faculty on the Aptos Campus when a Deputy is available.
Livescan and Ink Fingerprints
Cabrillo College offers walk in's Please call (831) 479-6313 for current hours of operations Cabrillo College charges a rolling fee + any Department Of Justice and FBI fees *MasterCard or Visa only