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Transformative Learning Center

Welcome to the Transformative Learning Center - a name that is an urgent response to the challenges and opportunities to enact sustainable change we need in the world. Our mission at the TLC is to offer you flexibility in access to resources and rooms space to form your community, instructional support, online technological innovation, and professional learning programs, self-paced courses, and activities inspiring you to thrive as a transformative teaching and learning practitioner. Let us fly together!

In-Person DE and VRC Support Drop-in
Tuesday and Wednesday
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Flex Credit, Stipends and/or Salary Advancement for Select Programs!

TLC Professional Learning Programs

Transformative Instruction in Distance Learning (TIDL)

A one-of-a-kind self-paced and POCR faculty facilitated Transformative Instruction in Distance Learning Program (TIDL). Looking for Cabrillo required DE Certification? Take TIDL 1: Equity-Minded Teaching Online with Canvas or take the full program consisting of three-courses for your full coure design and completion as part of the CVC-OEI Peer Online Course Review (POCR). Once completion of the three courses and a POCR review, courses are badged for outstanding quality, placed in the CVC-OEI Exchange Program and available students in the Califorina Commulity College participating colleges as a preferred course!

While Grant Funds Last: $500 Stipend Upon Program Completion

Click on the link below for the program and course descriptions and dates when courses are offered each semester. Registration is available in VRC MySeahawkPD lined below.

Local Peer Online Course Review Program (POCR)

Get the support you need in instructional design!

Join the Local POCR Team!

Take the TIDL Program and your course will enter into the POCR Review Process to become a quality reviewed course and entered into the CVC Exchange Program. If you would like to proceed to be part of the paid review Team, take the CVC POCR Training.

Faculty Stipends Available! Pending grant funds available (inquire for more information).

Dual Enrollment Professor Prep Program (DE-P3)

Do you teach or work with dual enrollment students?

August 16 - 18th, 2023 9am - 3pm, Meeting Space TLC 1095

For more information contact the TLC Director.

While Grant Funds Last: $250 Stipend of Appreciation for Program Completion!

Accessible Design and Creation Certificate Program

TLC is proud to announce their collaborative work on co-developing curriculum in partnership with CABT and EDUC. The Certificate program is fully launched and can be taken for credit or non-credit. The non-credit is FREE and if you take for credit, faculty and staff are eligible for salary advancement. Inquire about tuition reimbursement with the TLC (pending grant funding availability). Click on the links to read the course descriptions, to see open sections and enroll.

CABT430AD - Creating Accessible Documents (CABT 130AD)

CABT462AM - Creating Accessible Media (CABT 162AM

EDUC400 - Universal Design for Learning (EDUC 100)

Equity Minded Culturally-responsive Curriculum Program (EMC-C)

The purpose of the EMC-C is for faculty to gather a basic understanding of culturally responsive pedagogy, to analyze classroom data that is disaggregated by race /ethnicity and other demographics, to make curricular changes, and to adopt evidence-based practices that transform their courses into a more inclusive learning environment for students from all backgrounds.

Oh, The Places You'll Go!
Technology Help
Information Technology (IT)

IT: IT sets up your Cabrillo technology systems access/provisioning and you can use the support ticket portal helps with issues you have related to access (view supported technology). IT also helps software or hardware requests and issues with Cabrillo-issued devices. The Marketing Department at Cabrillo supports Website or Webpage Bio Help. Help docs for the website can be found in the Website Folder.

Computer Technology Center (CTC)

CTC: Offers you (faculty, staff and students) in-person, Zoom and by appointment support on how to use and/or troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing with your computer technology, Canvas, and digital media (view supported technology).

Transformative Learning Center (TLC)

TLC: Offers professional learning programs, consultations and workshops to enhance your transformative teaching and learning and also in TLC supported instuctional technology (view supported technology). Your first stop for Canvas help is to use the TLC also supports administrative requests for Canvas and the VRC MySeahawkPD Navigator.

Self-Paced Professional Developmment

Flexibility to fit your needs!

Training for Non-Instructional Canvas Users

Growing with Canvas has five modules of content that will take users through everything they need to know about using Canvas - for non-instructuional users, too! The course uses a combination of the Canvas Video Guides and Canvas Guides to teach the content. Participants in the course will try out a number of the concepts through the practice activity.


TLC Canvas Refresher and Readiness has 4 modules of content that will take users get ready to teach your online course using Canvas. The course includes a readiness checklist!

TLC Canvas Refresher and Readiness Self-Paced Course REGISTRATION

2 Hours of Flex Credit Available through External Credit Request process in the VRC MySeahawkPD

TIDL 1 Refresher (Equity-Minded Online Teaching with Canvas) is a self-paced course for those who would like to have the latest content we have to offer to to refiresh previous DE certification you have teken. This is not attached to Flex Credit and if you would like to take the actual course, register in the VRC.

TIDL 1 Refresher Self-Paced Course REGISTRATION

4 Hours of Flex Credit Available through External Credit Request process in the VRC MySeahawkPD

Looking for More?

The Vision Resource Center (VRC) is a California Community College systemwide online learning and communication platform that offers all California community college employees equitable access to professional development opportunities and supports efforts to fulfill the goals outlined in the Vision for Success.

Team TLC
Dr. Joy Kcenia Polanco O'Neil
Director, Teaching and Learning Center, Distance Education Coordinator, CaCVC Project Lead
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Sriman Ujhanthachahhen
Student Assistant Faculty Support
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