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The Accessibility Support Center (ASC) provides services, accommodations, and academic support for students with disabilities and learning differences at Cabrillo College. ASC assists the college to meet the requirements ensuring that all programs, services, and activities are accessible to and usable by students with disabilities as required by federal law including equal access to educational content and facilities.

Fall 2023

ASC Drop-In Hours:


  • Friday, 12/1, 9:00 am- 12:00 pm

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REMINDER: Submit Your ASC Proctoring Center Exam Requests:

If you are planning on receiving testing accommodations for your final exam(s), please submit your exam requests through the MyASC Portal two weeks before your exam date. There is a guide to follow below. The proctoring center has capacity limitations and we want to make sure we can properly accommodate you. If you would like to get help with scheduling and requesting exams, please contact or come by our office (M-Th 8 am-5 pm) and we can help you in person. Also, please remember to purchase your scantron(s) for your exams. The ASC does not provide scantrons.

If your exam is on:

  • Monday, December 11 you must request your exam by Monday, November 27

  • Tuesday, December 12 you must request your exam by Tuesday, November 28

  • Wednesday, December 13 you must request your exam by Wednesday, November 29

  • Thursday, December 14 you must request your exam by Thursday, November 30

  • Friday, December 15 you must request your exam by Friday, December 1

Linked below is the instructional video that will guide you in this process!

Alternative Testing Instructions for Students

Textbook Reimbursement Request

Childcare Reimbursement Request

Welcome Letter For New Students

Appointments are available for Fall 2023 accommodations and counseling. Students can also request Fall accommodations online through MyASC .

Arranging Accommodations

New and continuing students can meet with counselors and can use MyASC portal to request semester accommodation letters for each course instructor and schedule exams and quizzes.

Step-by-step guide on how to request accommodation online:

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a successful semester!

  • If you are a new student to ASC and want to enroll for services, please visit our page Getting Started at ASC.

  • The schedule of classes for Fall 2023 are now available and registration is underway.

  • Contact the ASC for a counseling appointment to help you choose classes.

  • Covid-19 Resources for Cabrillo Students

    Scheduling ASC Proctored Exams (Alternative Testing)

    Remember to schedule your ASC Proctored Exams:

    After you request accommodations, your instructors will need to complete the Proctoring Center Testing Agreement and add exam dates to the MyASC Portal. After the instructor does their Agreement, you will need to schedule your exam appointments to use the Proctoring Center for your exams. Click on this ASC Exam Scheduling Video Tutorial to learn how to enter your exam dates.

    Here is the written procedure for adding exams to the ASC Proctor Schedule:

    1. Log-in to MyASC

    2. Go to the Alternative Testing tab on the left side of your MyASC Dashboard

    3. Find your class (only available if the instructor completed their Testing Agreement) in the pull-down menu

    4. Locate the exam date options

    5. Choose the exam dates to schedule and complete the scheduling process

    6. You should see an exam request confirmation green check mark to show you did it successfully!

    Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have a right to equal access under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (title 2). It is recommended that students work with the ASC Team and the Director to receive the appropriate accommodations.

Student Grievances/Complaints: If a student has a concern regarding services or accommodations and feel their needs are not being met, the student may file a grievance or complaint. The first step for students is to speak to an ASC faculty member to attempt to resolve their grievance. If that outcome is unsatisfactory, students should then contact the ASC Director. If the complaint remains, students may use the Just Report It! system to file a grievance or contact Cabrillo’s ADA Coordinator. All students, regardless of disability status, are responsible for following the prescribed college procedures as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

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