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Events for Admitted UC Students

UC Campuses are hosting virtual presentations on topics such as financial aid, scholarships, student organizations, support resources and housing

UC Berkeley: April 24 — 30; Every Tuesday in May
UC Davis: May 4 — 8
UC Irvine: April 5 — May 27
UCLA: May 10 — May 21
UC Merced: April 15  — May 27
UC Riverside: May 6 and 7
UC San Diego: May 15
UC Santa Barbara: April 26 — 30
UC Santa Cruz: April 5  — 30

UC Next Step Resources

For newly admitted transfer students, each University of California campus has important deadlines and procedures for students to follow in order to accept the offer of admission and prepare for enrollment.


All UC campuses except Merced are using a waitlist process for transfer applicants to manage their enrollments. Waitlist processes may differ by campus.

Virtual Campus Tours

Many UC and CSU campuses are offering virtual campus tours

Cabrillo College is ranked #1 in transfers to UCSC

All of our counselors are qualified to assist you in your journey from Cabrillo to your desired four-year college/university. To schedule an appointment with a counselor regarding transferring, you can contact

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Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG)

A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a program for California community college students to earn a guaranteed acceptance to a university. There are six participating University of California (UC) that offer TAG; UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz. Students are encouraged to make a Cabrillo counseling appointment and or watch our video to learn more.

Transfer Application Assistance

Webinars and workshops, hosted by both Cabrillo and our UC/CSU partners, offer resources and helpful tips on filling out your UC and CSU applications. Additional information and to register for these events and workshops can be found on the Transfer Events Calendar.

Representatives from Four-Year Colleges & Universities

Representatives from four-year colleges and universities meet with students individually and in group workshops during the Fall and Spring semester. View our Transfer Events Calendar to view when our representatives will be available.