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Cabrillo Transfer Services

Transfer Confirmation Form
Have you applied to transfer? Please let us know by April 21, 2023

We look forward to celebrating you at the Graduation/Commencement Ceremony. Please confirm that you have either transferred in Spring 23 or plan to transfer for Fall 23. The purpose of this form is to include your name in the Transfer Section of the commencement program.

Deadline: April 21, 2023

Next Steps for Fall 23 Admission
Applied for Fall 2023? Make sure to complete important next steps
  • Check the Transfer Events Calendar or universities websites for Next Steps workshops

  • Check your email regulary

    • Email is the primary way campuses communicate with students after they submit their applications. Make sure you check your email regularly. The email address you used to create your Cal State Apply or UC Apply account is the email that will receive communications and next steps for all campuses you applied to. If your email address changes, notify those campuses immediately.

  • Check your university student portal for a "To Do" list and be sure to abide by any transcript deadlines

    • Some campuses will have you create a student portal. Once you create your portal they will communicate important dates and deadlines and next steps

  • Once you have made your decision submit your "intent to register" or SIR

    • Deadline for CSU is May 1, 2023

    • Deadline for UC is June 1, 2023

Your Transfer Pathway Starts Here!

Cabrillo College is an excellent place to begin your studies.

Courses taken here can meet the same requirements of colleges and universities throughout California and beyond! These pathways will help support many common journeys and remember, Academic Counselors are always happy to assist you with your individual transfer plans, no matter where you'd like to go.

Transfer Pathways

Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB

is a new program that provides clear roadmaps for students to spend two years at Cabrillo and two years at CSUMB to complete their bachelor's degree in four years. Benefits of joining the program include: One-on-one counseling, transfer guidance, academic support, peer mentoring and networking, CSUMB tours and panels, financial aid assistance, laptop and hotspot for remote learning, and a community of support.


The Teacher Pathway Program (TPP)

is a cohort at the Watsonville Center guides and supports students to complete two years at Cabrillo and transfer to California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). TPP can help you complete both a B.A. in Liberal Studies AND an Elementary Teaching Credential in just two years! CSUMB also offers Special Education, Bilingual Education, and Single Subject credentials.


Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

is a program for California community college students to earn a guaranteed acceptance to a university. There are six participating University of California (UC) that offer TAG: UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz


UC Transfer Pathways Program

If you know your major but want to keep your University of California (UC) campus options open, then a UC Transfer Pathway could be the route for you. Transfer Pathways give you a roadmap to prepare for your major and graduate on time from any UC campus.


ADT: AA-T or AS-T degrees

Associate Degrees for Transfer, ADTs, Are a pathway to earning an Associate degree while also completing CSU transfer requirements at the same time and guarantee admission to the CSU system into a similar major. Students must complete only 60 units at the university to achieve a Bachelor's degree.


Sky's the Limit

Although these pathways will help support many common journeys, remember that Academic Counselors are always happy to assist you with your individual transfer plans, no matter where you'd like to go: UC, CSU, Private, Out-of-State. Let your adventure begin here!

I recently applied to six UC’s and my application process was made easier with assistance from academic counselors, faculty, and peers. They were very helpful with reviewing my personal statements and teaching me how to navigate tools such as
Cabrillo Transfer Student