Honors Transfer Program

Opening Doors to Competitive Universities

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The Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program, which has earned UCLA TAP Certification, is a learning community for highly-motivated students who are seeking rigorous academic coursework in a supportive and cooperative environment. Most students in the Cabrillo Honors Transfer Program plan on transferring to highly competitive universities across the United States. Since enrolling our first honors students in 2008, over 580 of our students have transferred to highly competitive universities. Our honors students continue to be in high demand at selective public and private universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pomona, UC San Diego, Pitzer, Chapman, University of Southern California and many more.

Students from all backgrounds, ages and experiences join Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program. Current Cabrillo students, students coming to Cabrillo from other colleges and universities, and recent high school graduates are all welcome to apply to the program. Home schooled students are considered on a case-by-case basis and they must be intending to continue at Cabrillo after high school and transfer to a 4-year institution as a junior. The minimum age to participate in the Honors Transfer Program is 16 years.

NOTE: The Honors Transfer Program is designed for students who want to transfer to the university, not for students who have already achieved a Bachelor's Degree and are pursuing graduate school, nor for concurrently-enrolled high school students who are pursuing the university as Freshman.

Priority admission or a competitive edge in the transfer admissions process depending on the college or university to which you apply

Scholarship advising and opportunities

Research support from Cabrillo's award winning library staff

Counseling and transfer assistance

Recognition of honors coursework on transcripts and at graduation

Smaller class size (35 or fewer students per class)

Faculty mentors

A dedicated Study Lounge for our program's students

A stimulating environment

Membership in an honors transfer community of students

Enriched curriculum

A strong support network

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Our honors courses are designed by dedicated faculty and provide highly-motivated students a supportive, non-competitive environment in which they can rigorously examine academic, intellectual, cultural and social issues. Our faculty mentor our students as they pursue their own interests and hone their academic skills by conducting independent research, participating in seminars, and presenting at academic conferences, such as the Bay Area Honors Research Symposium, which is held at either UC Berkeley or Stanford.

Honors students work with dedicated honors counselors who understand the specific educational planning needed and requirements for transferring to highly-competitive universities.

The rigor of our honor courses prepares our students to succeed in upper-division courses at competitive universities like UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Many of our honors students serve in high-level leadership positions on campus, including the Cabrillo College Student Senate. Additionally, many of our student work as tutors in a variety of subjects. These leadership experiences prepare our students for service and other opportunities, such as internships, at the university level.

Honors students are awarded extra points in the UC admission process.

Students who are UCLA TAP Certified (15 units of honors coursework completed and a 3.4 GPA) are able to choose an alternate major, a major benefit for students applying for admission to impacted majors.

Honors students are eligible for scholarships reserved for exclusively Cabrillo honors students. Additionally, participating honors students are well-positioned when applying to prestigious and competitive scholarships, such as the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship and the UC Regents Award.