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It is our mission to provide excellent service, partnering and support to all Cabrillo employees to help us all achieve our joint mission of empowering students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and responsible world citizens and, with a commitment to quality and equity, to connect all learners to pathways that propel them from where they are to where they aspire to be, including: academic, personal, and career growth.

We ask of you:

  • Please call or come by anytime!
  • Please complete your mandatory trainings on time!
  • Please respond timely to HR requests and calls!
  • Please have fun at Cabrillo College!
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HR Information

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Read about the current benefits Cabrillo College has to offer, including medical, dental, vision, and more.

Compensation and Job Descriptions

Check out Cabrillo's compensation information and job descriptions for faculty, staff, administrators and confidential employees here.

Employee Contracts and More

Find faculty and staff contracts, confidential employee handbook, administrative employee benefits summary, and more resources for current employees.

Required Employee Training

Click here for more information regarding the required employee training sessions, including but not limited to the Blood Borne Pathogens training and Injury and Illness Prevention Plan training.

New Employee Resources

Access the Flex Week New Employee Orientation Presentation slides and New Employee Quick Reference Guide here.

Retirement Plans

Read about Cabrillo's retirement and additional pre-tax savings plans.

Workers' Compensation

Need to report a claim? Learn how to here.

Mandated Reporting

Find child abuse and neglect reporting steps and more information here.

Diversity and EEO

Cabrillo College is a Equal Opportunity Employer.

Meritorious Service Awards

Click here for more information.

Just Report It

Report an incident here.

Title IX

Learn more about Title IX. 

Labor Laws

Learn more about State and Federal Labor Laws.

Safety Resources

Learn more about Safety at Cabrillo College. 

HR Staff
Contact Us
Angela Hoyt, J.D.
Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations
(831) 479-6234
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Anna Bartkowski
Title IX/Civil Rights Compliance Officer
(831) 477-3373
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Krista Kaschalk
Manager, COVID-19 Response & Compliance
(831) 477-3274
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Margie Casillas
Benefits Analyst-Confidential
(831) 479-6182
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Amy Mahoney
Human Resources Analyst-Confidential
(831) 477-5618
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Linda Mejia
Human Resources Coordinator
(831) 479-6512
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Amy Lamson
Classified Human Resources Specialist-Confidential
(831) 479-6412
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Megan Pierce
Executive Assistant, Human Resources- Confidential,
(831) 479-6246
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Cristina Rocha
Academic Human Resources Specialist
(831) 479-6240
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