Completing Orientation is Easy

By learning about Cabrillo programs and services you're doing it right now!

Can be done anytime but ideally before you enroll in your first semester.

Orientation at Cabrillo is not one size fits all. Your orientation can be one activity or several, you decide. Completing orientation activities will help you get started at Cabrillo, clarify your path and get you one step closer to earning an earlier registration date.

No extra steps required! 

On the road to becoming an informed student, you're already doing these things.

Here are your choices:
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To officially complete your Orientation

Log into the Verify Orientation eForm
  1. Select what you've done

  2. Click submit

  3. Orientation, done.

ProTips: Your responses are not verified, we trust you. Once you've submitted your eForm, no need to repeat, ever!