See Something, Say Something, Do Something

Just Report It


Cabrillo College is committed to creating a safe, supportive learning and working environment for all members of the campus community. Campus safety is our top priority, and we take all reports of misconduct seriously to protect everyone's health and well-being.

The College depends on community members to identify and report behaviors of concern so that the College can provide distressed students and employees with appropriate support services and resources. We are all responsible for campus safety. If you see something, say and do something about it—report any concerning behavior or suspicious activity using the forms below.

Report Unlawful Harassment, Discrimination or Retaliation

Unlawful harassment and discrimination is behavior based on someone's affiliation with a protected class that is so pervasive, persistent, or severe that it would prevent a reasonable person from taking advantage of the educational or employment opportunities Cabrillo has to offer. Cabrillo College does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race or ethnicity, color, medical condition, genetic information, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, veteran or military status, or pregnancy. Both students and employees can report harassment, discrimination, and retaliation by using the form below.

Cabrillo College prohibits retaliation against individuals who make a report or who participate in investigations of unlawful discrimination or harassment. Any attempt to harass or intimidate individuals who participated in an investigation constitutes a violation of College policy and could result in disciplinary action. El formulario de queja está disponible en español aqui.

Report Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct includes gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking behaviors. To learn more about Cabrillo's reporting options and resources for sexual misconduct, please visit our Title IX website. Both students and employees ca report sexual misconduct using the form below. Información sobre el proceso de como reportar un incidente de Title IX están disponibles aquí. El formulario de queja está disponible en español aqui.

Report Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior is conduct that inhibits a faculty member's ability to to conduct class or limits another student's ability to fully access the educational benefits cabrillo has to offer. Disruptive behavior occur inside or outside of a classroom setting. Examples of disruptive behavior include prohibited use of electronics (like a phone) during class, persistently interrupting instructors or other students during class, excessively aggressive or violent behavior towards another member of the Cabrillo community, or physical altercations. For more information about disruptive behavior, please see the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Both students and employees can report disruptive behavior.

Report Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty is any type of cheating, plagiarism, fabrication or falsification of data, deception of an instructor by providing false information for missing a exam or deadline, or claiming to have submitted coursework when you know you have not. It also includes using paid services to complete an assignment, providing test answers for money, and impersonating another student to help that student benefit academically. If you have any questions about whether something constitutes academic dishonesty, please check with your instructor and/or your course syllabus. Both instructors and students may complete the form below to report academic dishonesty.

Basic Needs Resource Referral

Cabrillo College has basic needs resources to support students who are experiencing food, housing, or transportation barriers. Students, faculty and staff can complete the form below to connect students with our Basic Needs Coordinator for support.

Report a Student of Concern - Refer a Student to Campus and Community Resources

Cabrillo College has a variety of support services and resources to help our students thrive. Students, staff, and faculty can submit the form below to connect students with campus and community resources.

Student Complaint/Grievance

The primary goal of the Student Grievance Process is to produce a mutually acceptable solution to the student's complaint as soon as possible and at the lowest administrative level possible. The Student Grievance Process may apply to complaints involving financial aid, interactions with College employees, or academic dismissal from the Allied Health program.