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Transportation fees that were voted on by students, cover bus services which are still in operation throughout the county, and transfers to Monterey Salinas transit, which many students still rely upon for day to day activities. However, as a result of COVID-19, the college will be automatically awarding a one-time scholarship to all students assessed the transportation fee. You will not need to fill out any additional forms to receive this award. 

Students wishing to apply for the B&N Book/Supply Grant will be able to do so beginning Feb 1, 2021. Must have a current Student ID card as that is how the funds are generated to provide this Grant.

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*Important Update

Students registering for classes on or after January 1, 2020 will see a $2 Student Representative Fee. The additional $1 will be collected by Cabrillo College and then forwarded to the state to pay for state-wide student advocacy. The Student Representation Fee is mandatory. Use this link for more information.

Students who wish to appeal this mandatory fee can do so here and submit an E-form for “Appeals Petition” for Mandatory Fee. All petitions are reviewed in week 6 by the Student Life Coordinator.

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