Requests for ASC Documentation for Standardized Exams

The ASC is pleased to support students with disability verification and documentation when requested in a timely way. This notice provides guidelines for documentation requests. This applies to all documentation requests including those for Board, Certification, Licensing, and other standardized exams.

Release of Information: Students must sign a release to permit the ASC to share information with any person or agency. The ASC can provide you with the form or you can use the fillable form at the link below.

Consent for Release of Information

Restricted Time Periods for Requests: Documentation requests should be made well in advance and after the first two weeks of the Fall or Spring semester. Documentation may not be available or may require much longer response times during holidays, between semesters, during summer session, and during the first two weeks of Fall and Spring semesters.

Types of Documentation Needed & Response Time:

  • Documentation of Eligibility for ASC Services: Students can access their eligibility letter themselves through MyASC or they can contact the ASC office to request a copy. Students can expect help with this documentation within two days when the ASC is open.

  • Documentation of Semesters Served and Accommodations Used at Cabrillo: Students can schedule an appointment to explain what is needed. Documentation can be expected within one week. Restricted Time Periods apply.

  • Documentation of Disability from Professionals Outside of Cabrillo: Documentation of disability must come from the professional who diagnosed the disability (doctor, therapist, etc). The ASC can verify that the student has received services and accommodations based upon a disability, but the ASC cannot verify a disability diagnosis made by an outside professional. If the student has provided the ASC with their only copies of outside documentation, the ASC can provide copies of this documentation directly to the student.

  • Documentation of Learning Disability from Cabrillo ASC Learning Disabilities Specialists: Learning Disabilities Specialists can provide verification of eligibility for ASC services and accommodations based upon a Learning Disability and can complete forms detailing processing difficulties and making a professional recommendation for specific accommodations. Learning Disabilities Specialists do not provide diagnosis. All students who have completed an LD evaluation with the ASC have been given copies of their records and these may be sufficient for some documentation purposes. Students can request replacements with a two-day turn-around (Restricted Time Periods apply). If detailed forms and results are needed, please schedule an appointment with the person who did your evaluation, bring your forms filled out and signed, and allow for 3 weeks' advance notice to complete the documentation. Restricted Time Periods apply.

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact us at: or (831) 479-6379 or 479-6370.