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CalGrant GPA Submission

Completed 16 degree applicable units?

Your Cal Grant GPA will be Auto-Submitted

Cabrillo College works with the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) on your behalf to automatically transmit your Cal Grant GPA through the CSAC College GPA Collection System.

  • As required by the CSAC, Cabrillo will transmit Cal Grant GPAs twice a year by these deadlines: March 2nd and September 2nd.

  • The unit threshold to qualify for auto transmission is 16 degree applicable units completed at Cabrillo.

  • To remain eligible to receive a Cal Grant, students are required to maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). Students' GPA are verified by the current institution or by the most recent institution.

  • If you have any questions about your Cal Grant GPA or to confirm that your Cal Grant GPA will be transmitted, please email us before the scheduled transmission date at with "CalGrant GPA" in the subject line.

Nuts and Bolts

Cal Grant Submissions

YES. Cabrillo College will automatically transmit Cal Grant GPAs for eligible students who have completed at least 16 transferable units at Cabrillo College.

Electronically. The CSAC Cal Grant GPA Collection System through WebGrants allows institutions, like Cabrillo to upload certified student Cal Grant GPAs electronically.

NO. Cabrillo College uploads Cal Grant GPAs electronically on your behalf. This eliminates the need for you to complete and then fax or mail in your form to CSAC.

March and September. CSAC requires California community colleges to transmit Cal Grant GPAs no later than the following deadlines: March 2nd and September 2nd for those students who meet the minimum requirements. Working on your behalf, Cabrillo College will ensure that your Cal Grant GPA meets these deadlines, by transmitting Cal Grant GPAs to the CSAC two (2) weeks prior to each deadline.

Cal Grant GPAs are calculated based on all transferable college course work completed at Cabrillo College for which grades are known to the reporting official by the reporting deadline of March 2nd or September 2nd. Units included in the Cal Grant GPA calculation must count toward earning a degree and the calculation must include failing grades.

You will need to contact your previous institution or your high school and request to have them transmit your GPA to CSAC electronically or fill out the GPA Verification form for you.

As soon as your Cal Grant GPA is matched with your student information, it will be available for you to view through your WebGrants4students portal. To view your most recent Cal Grant GPA, login to your WebGrants portal.

If your Cal Grant GPA was not transmitted to CSAC, it may be because our records indicate that you did not meet the requirement of completing at least 16 transferable units at Cabrillo by the submission date. Please contact Admissions & Records at to verify.

You can appeal. According to the CSCA website, "if you were unable to submit a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form by the deadlines due to circumstances beyond your control, you can file an appeal by submitting a Late Cal Grant GPA Appeal Form G-17". Please note, that there are different deadlines to submit your appeal to CSAC. Be sure to read the information carefully to determine which deadline applies to you. For more information, visit the California Student Aid Commission. For any other inquiries, contact the California Student Aid Commission via phone at (888)224-7268 or via email at