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General Education Certifications

Requesting your General Education (GE) Certification

Please Note: processing times are longer during May, June, and July; it may take up to 15 business days to process certifications.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) and CSU General Education certification verifies that a student has completed all lower division general education requirements for the UC or CSU. The IGETC can be used for UC and CSU. The CSU Certification is for CSU only. Certification is reported on your official transcript.

Do I need a certification?

Only a few out of state and private schools require general education certification. Check with the institution to see if IGETC or CSU certification is required. A certified IGETC or CSU transcript is the last transcript you will request from Cabrillo prior to transfer. Before submitting a request for general education certification, you should consult with a Cabrillo College Academic Counselor to verify that you have completed all the requirements.

How do request a certification?
  1. Log into My Cabrillo

  2. select Academic Profile

  3. select Order Official Transcripts

During the order process you may select either a CSU Certification or an IGETC certification. CAUTION: Do not request a GE Certified transcript unless you have met with a counselor to verify that you are eligible. Certifications are sent directly to the Institution - usually after you have accepted an offer of admission from a particular university. Visit the Transcripts page for more information about ordering transcripts.

When do I request my certification?

It is your responsibility to request general education certification in your last semester of attendance at Cabrillo College prior to transfer. The transcript will be sent directly to the university following completion of all your courses. Please make sure Cabrillo Admissions & Records has received ALL official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended, AP or IB scores and high school transcripts needed to fulfill certification requirements. If you are unsure, please contact Admissions & Records at 831-479-6100.

Why is it important to send a certification?

When Cabrillo certifies your IGETC or CSU General Ed, we are verifying to the university that you have completed all your lower-division general education requirements. Without the certification you may have to complete additional lower-division general education requirements specific to your transfer university.