Student Records Privacy

Student Records Privacy


In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, student information, excluding that designated as Directory Information, cannot be released to a third party without the written permission of the student. This law expressly protects the privacy of each of our students. This law applies to all students attending Cabrillo College, regardless of the student's age. This means we cannot release any information regarding the student, including grades, attendance, classes enrolled in, or any other information that is not defined as directory information to anyone except the student. Cabrillo College will not release information to parents, spouses, children, or any other third party who is not the student or considered a school official. To opt out submit the Opt Out of Student Directory eTrieve form.

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Student Consent for Release of Records

Cabrillo College

Third-party access can be granted via Self-Service to the student's financial records, academic records, billing, and holds. Once third-party access is granted it is the student's responsibility to terminate or make any third-party access information changes. The student at any time can modify and or terminate all access privileges. Third parties are often family members of the students. Please note that without third-party access to a student's account, no information can be disclosed to anyone but the student.

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