Spring 2024 Department of Biology Scholarships

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2024 Biology Scholarships

Biology Scholarships 2024

This year the Biology Department will award scholarships to qualified students who are pursuing careers in the field of Biology or Allied Health. The amounts generally range from $500 - $2000 each, depending on the specific scholarship awarded. These scholarships are based on merit, growth as a student, involvement in the Biology Department, and financial need.


  • Current Cabrillo student pursuing a Biology or Allied Health related degree

  • Completed one course from the Biology Department (Bio101 excluded) plus a second course that is in progress or already completed. Completed courses must have been taken within the last two years

  • Have not won a Biology Scholarship in the past

If you are uncertain about your eligibility, contact the Biology Department Scholarship Chair, Yves Tan at YvTan@cabrillo.edu.


Five different Biology scholarships make up the available funds that may be awarded to you. You do not need to apply to a particular scholarship. The selection committee will consider you for the scholarship that seems the best fit for you.

Submit the following materials to the online application form NO LATER THAN Friday, March 22, 2024, 11:59 pm.

  • Completed application form

  • Electronic copy of Cabrillo College transcripts and transcripts from any other colleges attended (unofficial copies are sufficient).

Missing any portion of these requirements will automatically eliminate you from the selection process. We do not take paper submissions. The Writing Center at the HUB can help you produce a strong application. Reach out to them early.

Click Here to Apply or use the QR code at the top of the page.


This application is due in March. Notifications as to the results of the committee's selections will be sent via e-mail in April by the Biology Department Scholarship Chair, Yves Tan. If you have been selected, the Cabrillo College Financial Aid Office will contact you at the end of June. The money awarded will be made available from the Financial Aid Office at the end of August. Any questions regarding this money should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at SAC East 2nd floor, or by calling them at 479-6415.

Available Scholarships

Below is a list of scholarships that make up the pool of funds. You do not need to request to be considered for a particular scholarship- the committee will find the one(s) that is the best fit. Please notice that the requirements for each differ, so you may not be eligible for some.

The Cornelia Ackley Memorial Scholarship:

Awarded to outstanding students pursuing a degree in the biological sciences.

The Beth Blanchette Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to an outstanding Life Sciences student. Acceptance or application in-progress to a four-year institution in the fall is required.

The Floyd Younger Memorial Scholarship:

Awarded to an outstanding full-time biology student in the process of transferring to a 4-year institution in the fall.

Cabrillo College Biology Scholarship: Criteria set by Biology Department

The Fred Schuierer Memorial Scholarship:

Awarded to an outstanding student selected by the department.

The Don Medina Memorial Scholarship:

Awarded to an outstanding marine sciences-oriented student. Must be enrolled at Cabrillo or a 4-year institution the following fall.