Satisfying GE Requirements

Many students take a biology course in order to satisfy requirements for transfer to the CSU or UC systems. We offer several unspecialized courses designed for the non-major who will not need further biology courses, but some may prefer a specialized course because the topic interests them. These other "majors courses" typically have a higher informational and terminological content to prepare students for additional coursework in biology.

Bio 101 Introduction to Microscopes, is a short term (8 hours over two days) weekend course that is a pre-requisite or co-requisite of our lab/lecture classes,

So make sure to enroll in a section.

Below is a list of our unspecialized classes:

  • Bio 11A General Biology (with lab)
  • Bio 11B Marine Biology (with lab)
  • Bio 13A Anatomy and Physiology of People (lecture only)
  • Bio 13AL Biology of People Lab (lab only)
  • Bio 31 Animal Behavior (lecture only)