Photographic Archives

Many of the images in Bearing Witness are housed in archives. Archives house collections of materials in an effort to preserve history and are extremely important tools for research. Archives have long been physical establishments, accessible to the public, where researchers could seek out images, documents and objects for scholarly and educational purposes. In recent years, many archives have digitized their holdings, allowing easy public access to their collections via the internet. 

The photographs and subjects displayed in this exhibition represent but a drop of water in the oceans of images available in archives. Viewers are encouraged to visit these photographic goldmines and explore the fascinating imagery that is available with just a click of a mouse.

Works cited for images and quotes in exhibition

Black History Album

Duke University, Hugh Mangum Photographs Collection   

Emory University, Robert Langmuir African American Photograph Collection 

Getty Research Institute 

GPA Photo Archive - Bureau of Global Public Affairs of the United States Department of State

Gladstone Collection of African American Photographs  

Houston Public Library Digital Archives    

International Center for Photography Collections

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection   

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York Public Library

Smithsonian Museum

Stanford University 

Temple University Library John W. Mosley Photographs  

Tuskegee University Archives Repository  

Waheed Photography Archive  

Image credit:
Top: Thomas E. Askew, African American girl, half-length portrait, with right hand to cheek, with illustrated book on table; Library of Congress LC-USZ62-63574, Collection: W. E. B. Du Bois albums of photographs of African Americans in Georgia exhibited at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900