image of desert landscape mirrored by urban landscape with dusk tones

Cabrillo Gallery

Natural Habitats

Online juried exhibition
January 24–February 25, 2022

Juried by Donna Seager and Suzanne Gray of Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

Recording of Jurors' Talk

All living things have natural habitats that suit their unique needs, from the transient stops along a bird's migratory route to a parched desert where some plants and animals actually thrive. Human beings can create artificial habitats that to us feel "natural," but we also have the ability to imagine less concrete spaces—mental, emotional, spiritual—where we feel at home within ourselves. While finding a place to nurture life is crucial to all living things, some are lucky enough to find a place to flourish, while others struggle without adequate resources or refuge.

For Natural Habitats Cabrillo Gallery invited artists from all over the country to submit their interpretations of this theme. From these offerings, Jurors Donna Seager and Suzanne Gray of Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA selected the work for this exhibition, which presents a multitude of responses, from natural and human-built physical locations to more abstract metaphysical spaces, in a wide variety of media.

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3D metal flower, laser cut
"Nesoff" woven photograph landscape image
Karjan "Fall Flight" photograph of flamingos flying over a still lake