Andrea Boursuk mixed media painting of figure with airplane oxygen masks floating above their head

Cabrillo Gallery


Art, Photography & Art History Staff & Faculty Exhibition

September 28–October 30, 2020

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Navigators showcases the diverse range of artwork made by the many very talented individuals who work as instructors and staff in the Art, Art Photography & Art History programs at Cabrillo College. This exhibition gives our hardworking educators and support staff a chance to share insights into their artistic practice with the Cabrillo students they mentor and the community at large. This opportunity is especially important to our students. Through this display of skills, knowledge, ideas, experience and dedication, students can make critical and inspired connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they see in this exhibition—work from the studios of their teachers—providing guideposts for navigating successful careers in the creative arts.

Images: in header, Andrea Borsuk, Waiting • Tobin W. Keller, Mold Study #2, acrylic ink and watercolor on paper.

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abstract image of geometric lines, like a spirograph
Janet Fine | demons, clowns, and thieves: scattered remains, 2020
Angela Gleason | La Casita de Basura, 2019
Greg Mettler | Isolation, 2020
Artists' Talk #1 | Deeper Waters: Navigating our place in the world
Artists' Talk #2 | Changing Course: Anchoring ideas in repurposed materials