Cabrillo Gallery

New Threads

Unraveling Traditions in Fiber

October 2 – October 27, 2017

Imagine a needlepoint: do you perhaps envision a quaint depiction of flowers or a comforting inspirational saying? How about a masked gunman pointing his weapon at you? Things aren't like they used to be!

The artists in New Threads: Unraveling traditions in fiber reinterpret conventional approaches to the use of fiber in surprising, inventive, expansive, and subversive ways. Imagine now a short film made from woven images; shredded currency stitched together into a brocade pattern; a grouping of bees, each in a tiny custom crocheted wrap; a sculpture that is half horse hair, half shadow; a drawing rendered in wool on paper; a mutant figure formed from felt; cowboys constructed from lace; or delicate crocheted doilies taking on the form of toxic molecules. The possibilities in the use of fiber as an art medium have exploded in recent years. More and more artists are harnessing the materials and craft of textiles that have been handed down through countless generations to explore new forms and communicate utterly contemporary issues and ideas.

New Threads includes work by Jody Alexander, Richard Bassett, Lisa Kokin, Lauren DiCioccio, Kathryn Clark, Victoria May, Stephanie Metz, t.c. moore, Kate Nartker, Lisa Solomon, Esther Traugot, and Margo Wolowiec

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