chemigram image of circle with network of drips

Cabrillo Gallery

Out of the Dark

Alternative Process Photography

March 11–April 12, 2019

There has been a sweeping wave of innovative experimentation in hands-on "analog" photography in recent years. Cabrillo Gallery is excited to present Out of the Dark: alternative process photography, featuring a truly eclectic display of unusual photographic artworks that are visually intriguing and often surprisingly abstract. Each of the many artists in this exhibition investigates their particular process and vision from within this wide-ranging genre. They may bring new life to antique photographic processes, combine images with mixed media, or fearlessly experiment with the alchemy of photographic chemistry and techniques in highly unorthodox ways. Visitors may find themselves quite surprised to see what photography can be when boundaries are pushed into new territories.

Artists in exhibition are Angie Pember Brockey, Brigitte Carnochan, Daniel Carrillo, Martha Casanave, Douglas Collins, Binh Danh, Margo Duvall, Dan Estabrook, Janet Fine, Randy Hayes, Susan Hyde Greene, Kaden Kratzer, Patricia Lagarde, Frank Lopez, Kathryn Mayo, Chris McCaw, Anne Arden McDonald, Klea McKenna, Greg Mettler, Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer, Elizabeth Opalenik, Rachel Phillips, Wendy Small, Brian Taylor, Michael Weitzman. Multiple alternative process techniques are included, such as tintype, Daguerreotype, platinum palladium, ambrotype, gum bichromate, Polaroid manipulation, photograms, chemigrams, lumens, cyanotype, Van Dyke, digital manipulation, hand painted photographs, image transfers, mixed media, and more.

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Out of the Dark title wall
Dan Estabrook, Wendy Small, Rachel Phillips
dark title wall with brightly color photograms of plastic objects
Dan Estabrook, Wendy Small, Rachel Phillips, Susan Hyde Greene, Janet Fine
installation view of multiple framed works on long wall
Michael Weitzman, Daniel Carrillo, Brigitte Carnochan, Binh Danh, Dan Estabrook
installation view with cyanotype scroll hanging in foreground and multi-print painted gelatin silver prints in background
Dan Estabrook, Janet Fine, Randy Hayes, Martha Casanave
Gallery view, Janet Fine, Randy Hayes, Kathryn Mayo, Margo Duvall
Janet Fine, Randy Hayes, Kathryn Mayo, Margo Duvall
installation shot with iron with image of 60s woman transferred on surface and lumen scrolls hanging in background
Martha Casanave, Margo Duvall, Doug Collins, Anne Arden McDonald
installation view with large lumens hanging off wall as scrolls
Frank Lopez, Martha Casanave, Doug Collins, Anne Arden McDonald
installation view with several framed images
Jane Olin, Klea McKenna, Greg Mettler, Elizabeth Opalenik, Chris McCaw
installation view with cyanotype of moon
Brian Taylor, Nadezda Nikolova Kratzer, Michael Weitzman, Chris McCaw, Greg Mettler, Patricia Lagarde
installation view with works on wall and on pedestals
Greg Mettler, Patricia Lagarde, Martha Casanave, Wendy Small, Nadezda and Kaden Kratzer