Cabrillo Gallery

Time Untethered

August 26–September 20, 2019

Creative Life after Cabrillo

This exhibition features the work of seven artists who have retired from the Art Studio and Art Photography programs at Cabrillo College: faculty Bonnie Britton, Martha Casanave, Terry Hogan, S J Hoisington, Ted Orland, and Margitta Dietrick Welsh; and Rose Sellery, Cabrillo Gallery Program Coordinator. This exhibition honors each artist's legacy at Cabrillo, spotlights their personal artistic practice and celebrates the freedom from previous constraints on creative time that is one of the great joys of retirement. An eclectic range of disciplines, materials and approaches are represented: oil painting, drawing, pastels, textiles, art garments, a variety of mixed media and digital, antique process and experimental analog photography.

View the exhibition image gallery below.